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“I saw how my face had changed shape over the 3 months of being with you. I hadn’t noticed that until now.” [Nicola, UK]

When I started your program it was not a diet for me, but a lifestyle change. I focused on feeling better by eating and sleeping better, rather than weight loss, and your programme gave me the strategy to do this. Then the energy came back so I could exercise more and now I feel a lot better in myself. I know the weight will drop over time with all of the additional exercise that I’m now doing too.  

When I was looking for photos to send to you, I choose one that was at the beginning of my journey when I started getting out to enjoying walking with my dog again (her name is Cho and the photo is at the lovely Carsington Water in Derbyshire in the UK). 

The second photo is about a week old which is just a plain selfie, but a photo that I actually like of myself as I don’t like most photos taken of me. When I was trying to decide which one to send you, I suddenly noticed how much my face shape had changed over the 3 month period between them, which I had not even noticed before. 

That way I focused on how I felt, rather than getting disappointed due to looking at weight loss as I knew I didn’t have the energy for that at the beginning of the programme. 

Your program has been a game changer in my life. I now feel back in control and I’ve changed so many little habits that have now made such a huge difference in my day to day life. 

I’ve even surprised myself and joined a Fitness and Health club recently. I’m really enjoying doing a fitness class every day. I have even managed to readdress my work/life balance around this too and now I have put my health and fitness first, while still finding ways to effectively achieve my work requirements.

This is something that I could have not envisaged before I started on your program and I wouldn’t have had the energy then either. I was in quite a bad place with my menopause symptoms even with being on HRT. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your program available to help so many women like me.”

Nicola, United Kingdom.

My 12 week Transform Me menopause weight loss programme is waiting for you now. In this video below I explain what is in the online programme and how it works.


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