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“Age should not be an excuse to not follow your dreams and goals, but finding the MyMT™ programme was key!” [Cheryl, NZ]

When I received Cheryl’s photo of her reaching Everest Base Camp recently, I told her that one of the main reasons that I set up the My Menopause Transformation programmes, was to help women live their best life in post-menopause. I think Cheryl is doing that, don’t you? 

Hi Wendy,

This is my daughter Briar (in yellow) and me at Everest Base Camp this April 2023. I just wanted to thank you for all that you are doing to help us get our lives back! 

I have always been stubborn, determined and tenacious but this trip tested us both in ways we didn’t expect! It turned out that the power of the mind can surpass what your physical body is presenting and can truly make you more resilient than you ever thought possible. 

I had covid the week before I left New Zealand to start trekking in Nepal, a chest infection developed after too much pollution in Kathmandu, but thanks to your programme and the understanding about our lung changes in menopause, I practiced my breathing exercises with laser focus, and it kept my blood oxygen levels up.

The knees and plantar fasciitis also seemed to just disappear as my body focused on keeping itself moving forward as I put in place your strategies for improving joint health.

I never wavered from the goal of reaching Everest Base Camp, even though others were having an easier time of it.  The takeaway from it all is to trust your body to not fail … it won’t if given the right mind set and you have the right knowledge, which I had from doing your programme. 

Age should not be an excuse to not follow your dreams and goals –  just keep going .. one step at a time, always looking forward , always smiling. Thanks for your support and helping me find my body again.”

Cheryl M., New Zealand

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