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“I am still going great. I sleep well at night and I don’t get hot flushes like I used to.” (Sandra, NZ)

Sandra emailed me out of the blue after reading last week’s newsletter about women’s health and ageing and ‘New Beginnings’. She had some questions to ask, so I answered them but asked a question back. “How are you getting on 2 years on from doing the MyMT™ programme?” I wrote.

“I’m going great” Sandra said. “The Covid lockdown is terrible but spring on the farm is busy. I have plenty of fresh air, sunshine and physical work but I enjoy the outdoors rather than inside.”

So, I asked if I could share her photo with you and add some thoughts from her as part of my ‘New Beginnings’ theme this month. Learn about Hot Flushes.

Sandra and her hubbie have a farm in the North Island of New Zealand. I remember her emails to me at the time she joined me on the Transform Me programme. In her early 50s back then, life was busy and hectic – especially, as a new grandmother, she was supporting her daughter looking after the grandchildren. Between farming and family, every minute of her day was busy. It’s why I was interested in her progress – it’s hard to look after yourself, when there you are used to looking after others.

Looking after my body is always a work in progress and it does take an effort and I’m not the most disciplined person, so I still read over your valuable information when I need to get back on track. I’ve made lots of little changes from the programme that still stick with me. The lemon water in the mornings and I only drink wine on occasions now. I guess the biggest change is what I learnt from you about more vegetables, less animal protein and smaller meals to sustain me because of my physical lifestyle on the farm. Even my hubby has changed his eating and looks great. If I bake, I take it to my son & daughter in law, grandkids and the staff on the farm.

My Doctor is happy with my bloods and I’m happy that I’m not on any medication at 56 years old now. I’m very grateful that I’m well and fit as I know that many of my friends and relatives are experiencing health problems. I’m still working physically like I used to when in my 20s, 30s and 40s but slower and more careful. My body is now ticking along nicely, fingers crossed. Thank you for your programme – it’s now part of my new lifestyle. All my photos tend to have grandchildren in them and the other is a selfie taken in April tramping Lake Waikeromoana over 4 days, which was amazing to have the energy to do this, although I look bit tired!”

Sandra S., New Zealand

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