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Jill McG Australia

“I couldn’t afford your programme, but you helped me realise I was in control. I’ve now lost 25kg.” [Jill, Australia]

Are your symptoms due to menopause or obesity? That was the question I asked in my mid-week article last week. I never know how many of you are reading my articles or watching my Masterclass on Menopause (to the end!), but thankfully, Jill has been doing both. It was last week’s article that prompted her to email me.

Dear Dr Wendy I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge and generosity in sharing your valuable knowledge and excellent research and references.

I found your blogs and articles about a year ago. While I could only afford your $15 Masterclass on Menopause webinar, as I am a disabled pensioner, your knowledge linking lifestyle to menopause, opened up my ability to change my health situation.

I have now lost 25 kgs, 5ish to go. I’ve overcome very high blood pressure with meds which have now been halved due to the lifestyle changes I’ve made. I also used to be fatigued all the time and not able to do much, even bedridden at my worst. I was 38 and breastfeeding when I first experienced menopause symptoms, but luckily I had my children just in time.

I am now certain obesity and menopause combined to play a big role in how my health was deteriorating and how I was feeling.

I used to love sugar, but based on reading your articles, I now only have honey in my tea and dark chocolate. My snack is celery, not lollies, much better tasting and filling. I eat well now and can live a more or less ‘normal’ life. Thank you, thank you, thank you for myself and others who use your generous information to help themselves.

I don’t like photos but am feeling a bit chuffed with myself these days. It’s better than feeling fat and ugly. But the best bit is, I feel better health-wise than I have in about 20 years. The last six years have especially been a bit of a struggle.

My life is now taking a turn thanks to my improved health which I was motivated to turn around after watching your Masterclass and reading your articles. I’ve also had a later-life diagnosis of ADHD, which is such a relief to me at 56 years old. It was so liberating to know that I’m not mad, it’s just ADHD which is manageable.

I am (was) a secondary art teacher with a keen interest in psychology. I am currently applying for honours with a thesis topic about supporting socially isolated people, as Im determined to destigmatise all disabilities and mental health conditions. I reckon it could take me through to a doctorate if it goes that way. Who knows? I’m going to give it a good bash anyway.”

Jill McG., Victoria, Australia

When I received Jill’s email, I didn’t hesitate to offer her a complimentary Transform Me programme – it’s been a privilege to offer this to her to help her to get that last 5kg. Her story resonated with me. Not in terms of her circumstances, but in terms of how confusing it is to know where to start and what to do to ‘take back control’ of our health in midlife.

There is so much focus on medications and supplements in menopause and the internet is full of information that can be confusing (and conflicting) about how to manage our menopause symptoms. But as Jill has discovered, it’s about having evidenced knowledge that allows us to make effective changes every day’and importantly, making sense of where to start. Especially when weight gain continues into post-menopause. That was my confusion and frustration too.

I love the way you are helping women, Wendy. Menopause can really throw a spanner in the works but you’ve given me the tools to help.”

Understanding that menopause symptoms are a result of underlying inflammatory changes that occur as we age is important. For many women, their changing metabolic health, blood pressure and weight during menopause contributes to a worsening of symptoms, as such, discovering what to focus on first with health changes matters.

I loved how Jill started with taking my free Symptoms Quiz which led her on to the 2 hour Masterclass on Menopause. Which led her on to becoming more curious about how her metabolic health was changing and how this affected her menopause symptoms. I also love how determined and motivated she became about taking back control of her health at a time of her life when it’s never been more important. 

Not all women can afford my online coaching programmes I know. But this is why I have my Masterclass and my weekly newsletter articles for you all. Knowledge is power as Jill has found as I found myself.

When I didn’t get the lifestyle answers I wanted and everyone was looking at our symptoms in isolation without taking an áll-over body’ approach, I knew I had to untangle this important stage of life. Over 6 years undertaking my doctoral studies, I’ve enabled women like Jill and others on my programme to fast-track the lifestyle solutions that they need to put into place. I hope that you can enjoy reading some of these articles and doing (or redoing) the free Symptoms Quiz which will give you context from which to listen to the Masterclass on Menopause too. 

Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD)/ Member: Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine/ Founder, MyMT™

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