Success Stories

“I had no idea many of my symptoms were related to menopause.” (Kathy, New Zealand)

“It’s hard to believe I’m at the end of this programme the time seems to have flown.  Firstly I would like to “Thank you”  – I think without this programme I probably have gone crazy!

I am now sleeping through the night – no more insomnia or hot flushes keeping me awake, my blood pressure is back to normal, no more heart palpitations and my feet no longer burn at night. 

I am slowly getting my energy back and am now back at the gym a few days a week and walking.  The education on menopause through your programme has been enlightening to say the least as I had no idea a lot of my symptoms were menopause related. 

I now hear other women including my sisters talking about things that are going on in their body and I know it is menopause related.  So thank you for putting this programme together! Also some of the things I have loved and really helped is the freedom of no pressure, being able to email anytime and the Facebook coaching group.

I would say may main tip to women is to persevere. Yes I fell off the programme a few times and still do but the coaching community posts was my motivation to get back going again … plus my body gives me no choice, esepcially once I knew what to do as I feel so much better for your advice.  It’s nice to be coming out of the other side of all of this as I had days I thought it would never end. 

 Once again many thanks.

Kathy, Christchurch, New Zealand

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