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MyMT Success Story Paula

“I just love feeling healthy again.” – Paula, New Zealand

As a self confessed physically active free-spirit, busy teacher, wife and mother of two, reaching her menopause transition was a ‘game-changer’ for how 50 year old Paula was feeling. In her early 40’s she recognized that her body was changing, and in-spite of her own doctor suggesting she was ‘just too young’ to be heading into peri-menopause, Paula insisted she got tested. Sure enough the results confirmed her own instinct. She researched her options and found a natural cream that assisted with her symptoms for some time. But as she drew nearer to 50, the cream stopped working. Her hot flushes arrived back along with poor sleep, low energy and a gut in turmoil! Wanting these later years to be the time when she regained time for herself, the changes in her health were confusing and frustrating.

When someone mentioned that Wendy, whom she knew from a previous job, had developed a programme for helping women renew themselves through managing menopause, it gave Paula a level of confidence that this person she knew of and respected might have something to offer. When she looked at the programme, she knew that it was right for her. It ‘spoke to her’!

Paula with her dogs

Especially because, she had stopped dreaming, was working full time and now understands that the stress she was under was creating havoc with her hormones.

While Paula suffered for years with gut problems, like many women she knows, she believed that her diet was pretty healthy. But, the knowledge she gained from MyMT™ convinced her that in order to diminish her symptoms she wasn’t eating in a way that was conducive to managing her ‘new hormonal environment in menopause and she didn’t understand how her stressful job was impacting on her symptoms either. The effect of her job, was having an impact on her energy levels and causing other hormonal chaos with her health in menopause. Then this chaos was making her sleep worse and aggravating her gut problems. As she worked through the 12 week programme, suddenly everything was making sense! With a husband who enjoys quite a different way of eating and teenage kids still at home, the MyMT™ programme not only taught her how to make lifestyle changes to re-balance her hormones for menopause, but also, she discovered new ways to plan, shop and prepare food that also met the family’s needs too. Interestingly, one of the biggest gains that Paula has enjoyed from the programme is one that she hadn’t realized and that is renewed gut health and regularity!

Paula acknowledges throughout our chat, the support of her husband as being fundamental to her success too, so that she could implement some of the strategies, especially around the sleep regime. Having finished her 12 weeks on the programme, Paula admits that she ‘fell off the wagon’ earlier this year, partly by becoming very busy again and losing some focus, and partly because she wanted to test what was really working for her – needless to say, all her old symptoms returned! For Paula, the personal approach of the MyMT™ programme as well as the knowledge she gained about why her symptoms were happening, was significant to her success.

“You know” says Paula, “I’m happy to share my story, because I know so many women who don’t talk about menopause. The MyMT™ programme has not only helped me resolve my symptoms, but it’s helping put menopause on the conversation-agenda in a knowledgeable way. And this is something that so needed to be done.”

Thanks to Robbie Greenslade for her help in putting this story together for MyMT

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