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MyMT Success Story Ann Grant

“I love the holistic approach of MyMT.” – Ann Grant

“MyMT provides such a holistic approach. It goes way beyond diet.”

When Ann began experiencing menopause symptoms, HRT was not a pathway she wanted to follow, for her own reasons combined with high-risk familial medical history. And so she began to look for other options. After her personal trainer had recently ‘liked’ MyMT on Face Book, Ann decided to see what it had to offer.

With a background in the fitness industry, Ann knew of Wendy and her influence and expertise within the industry. She believed that Wendy would only provide a programme that was well researched, thus worth investing in.

From the start, Ann says, the clear step-by-step approach to so many facets of her life was really valuable. She would watch the webinars, print out the handouts, and try to consistently implement the strategies she was given. Everything she put into place worked!

What she also discovered as she worked through the MyMT programme, was that she was going to need to modify her habits – and her beliefs about what to do to turn around her symptoms. For Ann, a 53 year old mum and wife, who works in a Wanaka surveying office, training hard and being constantly physically active were ‘normal’ aspects of her life. Having been a Les Mills aerobics instructor and keen outdoor activity girl, changing her approach to her nutrition and exercise was truly foreign. 

MyMT Success Story Ann Grant

Exercise provided a good deal of Ann’s social contact outside of the work environment, so changing it to suit her body in menopause was not only different from how she had lived much of her life, it was really difficult. But when she did, the results were powerful for her hot flushes and her sleep and energy. She realized that she needed to now think about developing new routines that would satisfy some of the outcomes that her old exercise habits had provided in the past.

She remembers too, that there was a range of other daily habits that she had to review. Like her sleep strategies and the timing of her food and other activities she puts into her day. But all of these new strategies from MyMT have worked.

What Ann now realises is, “the information that is provided on the programme, the timeliness of snippets appearing in my FB feed and the opportunity to get individualised input when I needed it were all such valuable things, but most of all, it was targeted to my changing hormones in menopause – and this is what made it so different from other programmes on offer.” She adds, “Wendy, and the MyMT programme provide a wealth of information on a daily basis. I found this knowledge valuable in understanding how my body really works at this stage of life, as well as providing me with the knowledge I needed to help my body transition through menopause through simple, but powerful lifestyle strategies. It’s made such as difference to how I feel.”

And finally Ann talks about how heart warming it is to know that there are other women sharing the same journey. While she says she is ‘still finding my way’ and ‘rethinking how my life works for myself’, she credits MyMT for providing her with a toolkit that is helping her to reshape her life and her health as she moves forward.

Thanks for Robbie Greenslade for her support in putting Ann’s story together

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