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MyMT Success Story Allison Terwiel

“I regained my sleep and sanity!” – Alison Terwiel

“I loved the MyMT support from Wendy and learning how to put myself and my health first.”
Arriving into mid-life feeling so tired and un-motivated wasn’t quite what Alison had planned. But nearly every day, she felt as if there were more changes to her health. From her gut health, to her energy levels to worsening moods, low motivation and sore joints and muscles. Having had a previous hysterectomy due to endometriosis, she had been recommended Hormone Replacement Therapy and thought that symptoms of menopause were behind her. Whilst this helped in the short term, as Alison said.

“I was beginning to feel almost ‘normal’ again but I wanted a new, real alternative to managing my health as I aged and I wanted to get off HRT and the anti-depressants. So when, I saw Wendy’s MyMT™ programme, I knew that it would hold the expert help and support I sought.”

“Without this programme I wouldn’t have been able to get my energy and health back so quickly. It’s changed my life!”

With a busy, day-time job, Alison loved being able to listen to the on-line information for turning around her menopause symptoms when she had the time.

Through the progressive information, she began to implement the lifestyle change strategies that were specific to helping her turn around her sleep, hot flushes and her energy levels. With teenage boys and a husband to cook for, she also implemented the nutrition strategies and food plans, and bought her family on board with these as well.

After Alison completed the programme, her realisation was that what she had achieved was so much more that ‘just’ a symptom reduction programme – it enabled her to develop a ‘new way’ of living her life in her mid-life years. As she says:

“I have regained my sleep and sanity, my weight is down and hot flushes are minimal and I’m off the medications I was on, including HRT. I achieved this with Wendy’s information in the modules and her extra coaching on the private facebook page. Today, the lifestyle changes I learned through the programme have become a way of life. Wow! All the info is beginning to set in my mind and the final webinar on Behaviour Change, certainly helped reinforce to me what my motivation is and how I will achieve it. For once my health is a priority and I’m loving putting ‘me’ first!”

It is such a privilege to be able to help women thrive through their menopause transition. It’s such an important time of life to get back our energy, sleep and as Alison said, “our sanity.”

Wendy Sweet [PhD] / MyMT™ Founder & Lifestyle Coach

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