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“I’m off HRT and anti-depressants and have lost over 8kg. My life is back on track.” – Pauline, New Zealand

In a shout-out to healthcare workers who I have shared some of their mid-life journey with, I want to acknowledge Aged-Care nurse, Pauline. She first came on the programme feeling exhausted from her shift work and not understanding how her stress was impacting on her sleep and symptoms during menopause. 

"I’m feeling so tired all of the time." "My joints and muscles feel sore and achey." "I’m feeling as if I’m in fog all the time." "I feel like crying a lot." "My medications aren’t making me feel better." "No amount of exercise is helping me lose my weight." “I wake up night after night.” “I’ve lost confidence in my body as exercise just makes me hurt more.”

These were all statements from emails that aged-care nurse, Pauline, sent me before joining me on the Transform Me programme. Already on HRT, anti-depressants and sleeping tablets, she felt exhausted. But with a busy job caring for the elderly and having a position of responsibility to other staff, all Pauline felt was despair as every day became an ongoing battle to fight fatigue and brain-fog. Her energy levels weren’t improving and she was struggling to perform at a job she had excelled in for decades. 

I’m so pleased Pauline decided that her future health mattered. As a nurse, she knew that it didn’t feel right to just feel so unhealthy all the time. Most importantly, how she was feeling was affecting her energy and motivation to do the job she loved doing.

When she reached out for support through the MyMT™ programme her desperation in her email was profound –

“I have tried many natural products to get a better night’s sleep, to no avail. I’ve also taken HRT for 6 years but enough is enough. I’m also having to resort to anti-depressants at bedtime, with the occasional sleeping tablet to ensure I can function the next day, together with morning coffee. Then last year Blood pressure medication and now my cholesterol and weight just keeps increasing. I am really at my wits end.”

I explained to Pauline, that although medications do help some women in menopause, they don’t get to the heart of our energy because they don’t solve how the body stays healthy and energetic at a time when our hormones are changing. This happens through:

1. being able to sleep all night to heal our immune system.
2. being able to absorb nutrients through the gut and liver.
3. being able to re-balance our thyroid, stress and pituitary hormones that get out of balance as we move through menopause.

Pauline loved how she could put the MyMT™ plans into action, fitting the sleep routines, nutrition, gut and liver plans around her shift work and her daily life. It sounds like her husband did too – he lost an incredible 14 kgs of weight, following the nutrition plans! When Pauline sent this through, I knew she had achieved what she wanted to achieve… feeling like her old self again and back in control of her health …

This truly was a transformation. I certainly would not be where I am without the excellent tools you supplied to turn my health around. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I now fit the same size low-rise jean as my 33 year old daughter!

“I have now lost 8.5kg and have so much more energy, I wake up earlier and want to get up and extend my day. My stress levels have decreased dramatically, my life is back on track. I haven’t had any sleeping tablets for 4 Months and I have halved my anti-depressants used for sleeping and shutting my brain off. I now use your strategies.

But there’s a bonus too … My husband has lost a massive 14kg and feeling so much healthier. I call it our lifestyle change. We are both feeling so much healthier and fitter. I have far less days feeling yuk; my over-heating problem is much improved at work; my head is clearer and my stress levels have decreased due to my deep breathing and letting go of things that are difficult to change. I no longer take problems on and try to solve them and feel so much more confident in taking charge of my actions now.

I’m just so pleased to be feeling alive again. Can’t wait for my next visit to the Dr. I just wanted to say thank you again for helping in this journey. I certainly would not be where I am without the excellent tools you supplied to turn my health around. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I have no doubt that I would have been still procrastinating if it hadn’t been for you. Forever grateful.” 

Pauline, 58 yrs, Nelson, NZ

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