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“I’m now sleeping all night and feel back in control. What an amazing programme.” – Tina, NZ

“Stress has always been my biggest challenge” mentioned Tina. “My heart races and when I have so much going on in my life, there is an inability to access deep calm at times. But your amazing programme has helped me understand what is really going on as my hormones change in peri-menopause.

I love the science in every lesson throughout the programme. It gave me a real depth of  understanding about what is transpiring inside my body at this stage of life. I had no idea.

For me the first lesson on sleep was the most changing. I began to understand how much my lifestyle impacts on my sleep quality as well as being in menopause. Your ability to link these two concepts has enabled me to get back in control of my sleep. As someone who has been active all my life and love my exercise, I realised that I wasn’t eating the right foods for all the activity I was doing. I had become very confused. For example, I liked finding out the thermogenic effect of foods, especially protein and I now understand why I was having so many hot flushes and feeling hot all the time. I know the impact now.

I’m so looking forward to now doing your exercise module, Rebuild My Fitness.

I think the whole structure of your online programme was perfect for me, especially as I live in a remote location in New Zealand. I now better understand that , as this is the finale to a new way of living, and leads in perfectly to the exercise programme.

Knowing the influence of declining estrogen on cortisol levels was the key I needed. Now I understand what is going on and can simply kick into relaxation techniques. Ditto for the choice of olive oil over coconut oil – so easy having the facts spelled out!

" Many heartfelt thanks again on behalf of all women for stepping up to create this. I now understand what is going on in my body and how to turn around my symptoms. Your expertise in getting sleep sorted was the starting point and I now feel so much better. In fact, when I think about your MyMT programme now, there’s a song that comes to mind… ‘Break on through to the other side!‘ ”

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Putting menopause into ‘wellness’, not ‘sickness’.

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