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“I’m sleeping, no sore joints and I now have the confidence to help the women in my gym too.” [Anne, NZ]

Learning from Wendy has been an absolute inspiration and light bulb moment for me.  I originally did Wendy’s MyMT™ Transform Me programme about a year ago and along with dropping quite a few kilos, it also helped me regain my sleep (bliss).

I am a Personal Trainer and Coach and as such, was feeling a bit lost with Menopause and how to deal with it and how to help my clients.

My own achy joints and extra layer around the middle was bad enough, but I also had a gym full of women feeling the same way!  The majority of my clients are women who are transitioning through this next phase of our lives.

I then noticed that Wendy was offering a Menopause Practitioner Course based on lifestyle science and thought, ‘wow, that will help me to help my clients even more’.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the amount of information or the “science” beyond menopause that I learned. This has been a real eye opener for me, I have learned so much more that I already knew, and it has also helped with my own journey (post- menopause). I now have the confidence to work with my clients and help them navigate menopause through making some lifestyle changes.

As a woman going through menopause in all its various stages, there were times when I felt so inadequate and unsure of myself. When I spoke to my GP at the time, he offered me anti-depressants! 

In one of our first modules Wendy shared a quote from Dr Dorothy Barbo which said, “Menopause is an event in life, not a disease“, and I realised how true this is.  We don’t have a disease and personally, I didn’t need anti-depressants, what I needed what was the information and science behind what was happening to my body and mind.

Now that I have that, I am excited to be able to help other women on their journey and encourage each of us to shout Menopause loudly from the rooftops and normalise it.

Thanks to Wendy’s powerful knowledge and experience and to the Course Convenor Georgia, for showing me the way and giving me the knowledge to help others.

You have really helped me shape and change the direction of my business to focus more on menopause and working with women to encourage them to stop doing their endless HiiT classes, CrossFit and get out there and walk/swim/cycle and do some strength training.

Thank you for helping me and giving me the ability and the confidence from your research to help others in my local community.”

Anne Jordan, Registered Personal Trainer and Owner of Kaha Mna Fitness Studio, New Zealand. 

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