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“It’s never too late to sleep again. After 25 years, I finally found Wendy’s programme and have lost 10kgs!” [Jane, 72 yrs]


After 25 years plus, with hot flushes, insomnia, depression, weight gain and countless other issues continuing, I finally found Wendy!

What a joy the past 12 weeks of doing the Transform Me programme has been as I’ve been learning to live again! With a new diet and information on sleep, hormonal changes, liver-health , heart-health, gut-health and stress management, that I wish I had been given at the beginning of my Menopausal journey all those years ago. 

I have not only got my sleep back but I have learnt so much more to understand this journey we woman go through! 12 weeks ago I was 65 kg and I’m now 55 kg and so happy with a 10 kg reduction.

Admittedly, I know some women say that they sailed through menopause, yet I know that many have developed the other symptoms of menopause and now at 72 years young, I feel that I understand what is going on in my body and how the ageing process, impacted my continuing symptoms and my health.

I was never told that the menopause transition was the beginning of my ageing process. I felt that those years were taken away from me with my depression and lack of sleep.

What I am glad about, is that I kept up with exercise and now realise that this has kept me in pretty good shape! At 72 years young I still bike regularly (30-40 kms on an ebike loaned to me recently) which has helped with my sleep alongside Wendy’s routines. I used to have such trouble with my sleep, with regularly waking in the early morning or not getting to sleep until early hours in the morning and then sleeping late into the day! I just felt exhausted all the time. 

I have also been very jealous reading the stories of younger people on the journey now, and of the products and information that are out there to hopefully help –  HRT, etc. I began peri- menopause when I was about 45-46 years old, using (didn’t know it was called peri-menopause then) oestrogen/progesterone cream that you rubbed into your skin on your arm. To this day, I don’t think it worked much, but it was the Helen Clarke Labour government at the time took the great decision of banning you bringing it into the country.

I was then offered HRT as there was a family history of Hot Sweats into their 70’s and beyond,  however, back then, they would only have me on HRT for 6 months and then it was more likely the hot sweats would return, so I decided against it.

Obviously with the great input and depth of knowledge Wendy has amassed on lifestyle changes, hopefully future generations may have an easier journey, if it is talked about and shared!

Just to add an amusing tale to my story and a reflection on how far products have come over the years, when I first started my period (back in the day of a towel and hideous belts with pins), I remember that my Mother told me when I washed out my towels I wasn’t allowed to peg them on the clothesline as my brothers and Father would know I had my period! How far we have now come in talking about these female issues!”

Jane Jamieson, New Zealand. 

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