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“Learning how to sleep again has been the biggest change.” [Theresa, Australia]

I love it when women graciously share their menopause journey with you. It’s very inspiring to know that we all have control over the changes we can make to our health and our symptoms as we move through this life-stage. Here is Theresa’s story. 

“I’ve recently completed your 12 week program and looking forward to the mindfulness module later today. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and feel like I’ve got back some parts of my life that had changed or become lost due to menopause.  

Learning how to sleep again has been the biggest change. Along with rising early and going to walk the dogs, or exercise, all before 8am. This was un-heard of 4 months ago! I was so tired from lack of sleep, so I would stay in bed as long as possible.

I’ve really learnt a lot about my body and what it needs during the program. Whilst I haven’t adapted everything, my diet has changed remarkably. Prior to doing your program I had spent 6 months on the CSIRO diet, and lost 10kg. But I was still struggling to keep it off. However, your way of eating is so liveable, once you learn and understand the principles. I have slowly lost another 4 kilos and expect this will keep going.

The great news is that I’m planning another season of soccer with my open women’s team later this year. I had thought I may need to retire as everything ached so much. But I listened to your joint health module and changing my diet and sleeping better has helped enormously. I’m now back doing some gentler, core focused, gym sessions and running a little again for the season. I am now in post menopause at 54. 

Thanks again Wendy and it’s been lovely to get to know you as the program went on.” 

Theresa, Australia.

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