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MyMT Success Story Bronwyn Dawson

“MyMT solved my symptoms.” – Bronwyn Dawson

After attending Wendy’s ‘Health, Hormones & Happiness’ seminar, Bronwyn’s daughter (a physio) suggested to her mother that she sign up to MyMT. Mum did! This ‘mum’ was Bronwyn and as a busy nurse, she felt tired, run-down and the menopause supplements she was taking were not resolving her sore joints and fatigue. The 12 week MyMT programme changed this, and now as Bronwyn says, “MyMT has become my lifestyle now.”

As Bronwyn says,

“Signing up to MyMT™ has been the best thing I could have done for my mental and physical health during menopause. As a nurse and Massage Therapist I obviously have a passion for good health and had always been extremely fortunate to have had 40 years of good health myself.

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However, once I reached my late forties I found that a few niggly, uncomfortable gut symptoms appeared, then a very painful right shoulder, then a few years of prolonged headaches, very tender breasts followed by hot flushes and erratic sleep patterns (which my shift work certainly contributed to as well).

I researched and investigated each symptom as it continued to remain an invader of my comfortable life and made some changes to my diet thanks to Carol Sinclair’s book ’The IBS Low Starch Diet’ and at least my gut symptoms became more under my control. But I didn’t quite feel like my old self, with menopause symptoms arriving as well, so when I found out about MyMT™, I signed up.

The amazing thing for me about MyMT™ has been how Wendy has pulled together so much of my lonely, uncomfortable research and presented it in such an excellent format. The programme links all of my symptoms in an INTEGRATED APPROACH, enabling them to be addressed by me. I’ve now learnt all the things that I didn’t know about turning around my symptoms and care for myself during peri-menopause and now, menopause. All the MyMT™ strategies and more, I have found to be true! I just wish all health practitioners and medical specialists, who are looking at all of our symptoms in isolation would promote this programme. It is very powerful.

I continue to be encouraged and educated by Wendy’s 5-6x week Women’s coffee group posts and now I would hate to be without it! I’ve gotten really lazy with my own research now because Wendy does it so well!

So, I’m signed up for the long term now. This journey in this body involves changes and adaptations along the way and I’m very pleased to know I have access to such excellent, well researched and professionally presented information to help me along the way.

Yours in health,

Bronwyn, 54 years, Invercargill, New Zealand.

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