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MyMT Success Story Mary Anne

“On my trek to Nepal I loved how my body responded as if I was 30 again.” – Mary-Anne

I am so grateful to Mary-Anne for sharing her incredible story with you all. What an amazing and challenging journey she has had and I am so inspired by how she over-came so much adversity in her personal life to get to Nepal this year. This is what Mary-Anne wants you to read – written straight from the heart ..
MyMT Success Story Mary Anne
MyMT Success Story Mary Anne

“Kia ora – Hello

I am sharing my journey in the hope that it supports others in their menopause journey. When I was in my early forties, I began experiencing menopausal symptoms – poor sleep, hot flushes and exhaustion, both physically and emotionally. I realise now that this occurred because I was pushing myself too hard on the family farm and had some major life changes, to contend with, culminating in the perfect-storm health-wise. The personal changes I had to face led to severe adrenal fatigue, which I had no idea at the time, sent me into early menopause.

I was so thankful to then discover the MyMT programme that Wendy was just establishing. I was so fortunate to come on as a Foundation Member. I worked my way through the modules, which I was thankful could be undertaken when I had time. Each week I would read her coaching posts as well and layer elements of them into my life. Slowly I began to claw my way back and begin to put myself and my needs first. Because of what I was learning, I became more conscious of the food I ate, the exercise I did and the people I surrounded myself with. I began reinstating personal boundaries in all areas of my life.

How different I feel now! I am back to living a full, energetic, self-loving life.

ust this past April I spent a month in Nepal, which included trekking to Everest Base Camp. After completing Wendy’s ‘ReBuild My Fitness’ modules after doing her ‘Circuit-Breaker’ programme, I couldn’t believe how, during this trek, my body responded as a 20-30 year old. It embraced the challenges, kept healthy and enabled me to enjoy every aspect of the trip. I even gave the 18 year olds a run for their money!!

But my trip was also a spiritual journey. When standing in the great magnificence of the mountains. I also finally realised my own magnificence.

My menopause journey has been about setting boundaries and finding Self-Love. It is a constant evolution, but one I am embracing with newfound skills, the knowledge I have gained from MyMT and a sense of self.

Strength and Self-Love to all the beautiful women on this journey.


Mary-Anne Murphy x

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