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MyMT Success Story Sue

“Thank you for putting me on the path towards understanding what was going on with my body.” – Sue

When Sue reached her late 40’s, her busy life as a massage therapist, exercise-class instructor and marathon competitor started to take its toll. The problem she noticed at first was her inability to recover from day to day. She was exhausted. Then despite all the exercise and her busy job, Sue began to gain weight. She also couldn’t sleep. Sleeping had never been a problem with all the exercise she was doing. Her head usually hit the pillow and she was off to sleep. But now she was tossing and turning and then, disappointed with the weight gain, she did what she had always done, she TRIED TO EXERCISE IT OFF! But it stubbornly stayed as did the exhaustion. With a busy massage practice to run as well as her role as an exercise instructor and a past history of endometriosis, Sue realised that she needed support to figure it all out.

It was then that MyMT™ became involved in Sue’s health. Peri-menopause was throwing her hormones out of balance, causing a condition called ADRENAL FATIGUE. What Sue needed was a re-focus on her hormonal health, exercise levels and ever-present exhaustion.

As Sue began exploring the connection between menopause, endometriosis and too much exercise, she read the article by MyMT™ on Oestrogen Dominance. It rang some bells, including the references to stress, cortisol and inflammation. The exercise training she was doing and Oestrogen Dominance were sending her hormones into DISTRESS.

After just 4 weeks on the MyMT™ on-line program, Sue felt BACK IN CONTROL. What she realised was that after years of being able to manage her weight and symptoms of endometriosis with exercise, this approach no longer worked as she headed into MENOPAUSE.

As Sue listened to the MyMT™ on-line learning modules, and put it all into action, Sue began to understand what to do to improve her health at this time of her life. The MyMT™ 12 week Transform Me Program helped her to back off her exercise whilst she turned around her energy, her symptoms and her hot flushes. * After completing the program, this is what she had to say:

“At long last I am sleeping better than I used to. The night sweats are less, I have lost weight and I love the list of foods as I like to be really structured with my eating. I have really enjoyed doing this in my own time and figuring out what works and what doesn’t with my sleeping patterns and hot flush management. It also helped to know that the exercise I had learnt to do, no longer worked for me whilst I couldn’t sleep. I’m back running again with more energy than ever. Thank you for putting me on the path towards understanding what was going on with my body now that I am nearly 50.”

Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person. While the testimonial provided show real results, we cannot guarantee the same results for everybody.

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