Success Stories

“I use the principles of MyMT every day and I’m loving my new life teaching in Africa.” – Bronwyn, Tanzania.

“Tanzania is a beautiful country…it’s people, wildlife and mountains. I feel so lucky to see Mt Kilimanjaro because it is often covered in cloud. I’m loving it here, but it is colder than I expected, we are having a particularly bad rainy season. I wanted to share these photos with you and the other women on your MyMT™ programme because I just feel so much better than I used to. I am so thankful for coming onto the programme in your January intake and don’t think I could have coped with moving to my new dream-life in Tanzania without your ongoing guidance. I’ve now lost a happy 5 kg’s all up. My belt’s gone in two holes, so at least two inches!

The School of St Jude’s where I am working is an amazing place, offering education to children who would normally not get the opportunity to go to school, especially secondary school.

The staff and children have been very welcoming and friendly (most are Tanzanian, with a handful of international staff like myself). School lunches are usually beans, greens and ugali or rice, and once a week I go to this lovely lady along the road and get chapati for my lunch.

Bronwyn in Village with Tribe

Everything I do to manage my health in menopause is now based on your MyMT™ philosophy. The guidance and support you’ve given me on the programme has been amazing, especially with all the changes in my life working to fulfil my dream of teaching in Tanzania. When I went to your seminar in Christchurch it reminded me of everything and reinforced the aspects of your programme I was focussing on.

You know, I chose your programme over others because I have a background in human nutrition and biochemistry, and therefore your scientifically evidenced approach was very meaningful to me. I’ve seen such great improvements in sleep, energy, and hot flushes, even when coming over here and building my new life with Eric. I met him on Safari. Thanks to my renewed energy from doing your programme, I am loving every minute of my new life.

If ever you come to Tanzania on safari, then let me know. I can tee you up with a great guide!”

Bronwyn (Was New Zealand, now Tanzania)

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