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VIDEO: “The Circuit Breaker programme gave me the confidence to change everything I was doing.” [Sally, California]

“A year after doing the Circuit Breaker programme, I still use Wendy’s suggestions in her programme. I’m sleeping all night and have changed my exercise and nutrition to suit my ageing. This programme gave me permission to re-think how I looked after myself in mid-life. Thank you Wendy.”
[Sally, California] 
It blows me away that I live in New Zealand and Sally is in California but despite the geographical divide, menopause connects us! I still remember when Sally emailed me about her symptoms. Having come through the exercise industry she was confused about why her normal exercise and nutrition regime wasn’t working. Having read an article I wrote for the American Council on Exercise Journal on menopause and exercise, she knew she had to contact me. I’m so pleased that she did.
What a privilege to help Sally feel better through my 12 week online programme, so she can get on with her job as a much happier, healthier and more knowledgable Fitness and Wellness Coach to her clients. 🙂
Dr Wendy Sweet, [PhD]

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