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VIDEO: “Thank you for being part of the MyMT™ Community as we’ve all built our resilience this year.”

Wendy Christmas Quote

It’s been a tough year on so many fronts, but I truly believe that for many mid-life women, their incredible resilience brings them through. Despite a year shaped by chaos and uncertainty, we have all got through it in the best way that we can. I’ve had a few women who contracted the virus and it’s been my privilege to support them as well as the numerous Essential Workers that have been with me on the MyMT™ programmes this year. It’s also been my privilege to help them navigate their symptoms in menopause, whilst they do the jobs that they feel passionate about doing, in what has been and what will continue to be, incredibly tough times. If this is you too, then I hope you have a relaxing festive season. I’ve made you a short 5 minute video. Have a listen when you have time. Thank you for being here with me. 

Wendy Sweet, (PhD)/ My Menopause Transformation.

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