Good health in later life starts with menopause: Telomeres, exercise and the anti-aging benefits of betaine.

During the past few decades, numerous ageing and health studies have emerged discussing the link between lifestyle factors, inflammation and telomere dysfunction, yet much of the popular media advertising to our demographic, seems more intent on promoting a range of expensive remedies from supplements to skincare. Many of these remedies don’t mention our ageing telomeres […]

“I’ve not had knee joint pain and we are halfway through the Camino de Santiago.” [Lesley, New Zealand]

Lesley has been with me on the My Menopause Transformation programme for a long time. When she mentioned that she was going to tackle the 700+km Camino de Santiago, I knew she had to sort out her joint and muscles health. We are all enjoying her journey as she posts into the MyMT™ private coaching community […]

“My main goal was to get back skiing, and now I am!” [Annelise, Australia]

I remember when Annelise came onto the programme. She was troubled with sore joints and was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to ski again, because her knees were so sore. It was the same for me, so I knew to point her in the direction of my Joint Health module and the anti-inflammatory benefits […]

MyMT™ WORKOUT VIDEO: Buffer your stress with this 25 minute home-workout.

As we move through menopause, one of the lifestyle changes that we have control over to help improve our resilience to stress, is to undertake moderate, low-impact aerobic exercise.  ‘Movement is Medicine‘ is the mantra in the MyMT™ Rebuild My Fitness programme and inside this progressive 12 week exercise programme, you will find one of […]

Extra Virgin: Why this oil is important for women’s health during and after menopause.

olive oil

The island of Ikaria off the coast of Greece is home to some of the healthiest, most vibrant older women on earth. Their lifestyles were researched by Dr Gianni Pes, from the University of Sassari in Italy and Ikaria became part of the Blue Zones group of countries. This is a term coined by Belgian […]

New Research: Why are we not normalising the Menopause transition?

The article arrived in my inbox this week … a call to action for menopause to become normalised. Afterall, the authors argued, “menopuse is a natural event for half of humankind.” [Hickey et al, 2022].  The medicalisation of menopause fuels negative perceptions about this life-stage, shared the authors. My own experiences came flooding back to […]

“I wasn’t exercising due to pain, but now I’m back walking every day!”

Sharon Gudu Australia

Such wonderful words from Sharon in Australia to inspire you not to give up on your changing health, especially your joint health, as you move through menopause. “I joined the program during the first lockdown here in Australia, with 4 kg of extra weight, high cholesterol and hip pain in both hips. I had stopped […]

The growing movement of slow-jogging and why it’s good for you in menopause – but you must restore your joints first.

We all know that a little exercise or activity makes a big difference to how we feel but in a world where there is so much choice around the type of exercise that is promoted to mid-life women, I believe that simple aerobic exercise is being forgotten. I know myself that fitness messages have become […]

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way now that you’re in menopause.” [Dr Wendy Sweet, MyMT™]

Bridget Walking in Sand dunes

Don’t Look Back – You’re Not Going That Way Now … As I sit here writing this today, Auckland in New Zealand, is back ‘on alert’ with a return to our Alert Level 3 pandemic plan. Melbourne is the same as are many other cities or countries around the world. Hi to you all! Some […]