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MyMT™ WORKOUT VIDEO: Buffer your stress with this 25 minute home-workout.

As we move through menopause, one of the lifestyle changes that we have control over to help improve our resilience to stress, is to undertake moderate, low-impact aerobic exercise. 

Movement is Medicine‘ is the mantra in the MyMT™ Rebuild My Fitness programme and inside this progressive 12 week exercise programme, you will find one of New Zealand’s most experienced Exercise Professionals, Darryl Goad. For over 30 years, Darryl has been an expert in leading women through workouts!

I used to teach aerobics with Darryl and I trust him implicitly to guide you through simple aerobic movements that you can do in your home. Women from around the world love the workouts! 

When we went into lockdown here in New Zealand and I realised that many women on my programmes weren’t able to get outside much, I called up Darryl to help women to decrease their stress and improve their resilience to their symptoms.  

The direct associations between physical activity, physical fitness and mental health are well established. Physically active individuals report better emotional well-being and mood enhancement because being active in ways that aren’t exhausting are now recognised as offering a protective factor against the development of common stress-related mental health problems. (Neumann, Ahrens et al, 2022). 

I’ve known Darryl for decades and the more I observed the harder more vigorous types of exercise that prevail today, I knew he was the person to provide a specific workout for women on my programmes who are overweight, have sore knees and need to focus on lymphatic drainage, restoring their cardiovascular fitness and of course, improving their mood state.

It’s my privilege to share his 25 minute workout video with you, especially for those of you who have sore, aching joints.  So, if you are feeling under the pump and it’s been a busy, stressful year for you and you can’t quite get on top of your mood swings, hot flushes, sore joints and anxiety, then pull on some loose track pants and a tee-shirt and get moving with Darryl in the video below.

There are lots more workouts from him and myself in the Rebuild My Fitness programme as well – this is my 12 week exercise programme that women do either separately from or alongside my other menopause-specific programmes.

If you are overweight and you want to restore your cardiovascular health in 2023, then don’t forget about my January, Visible Results Transform Me sale, and you can also upgrade your purchase to include a half-price Rebuild My Fitness programme. I would love you to allow Darryl and myself to motivate you towards improved health and fitness to get you back on board with your health as you age.

My January SALE OFFER is HERE for you and the promo code to apply is JANUARY2023. 


Neumann, R.J., Ahrens, K.F., Kollmann, B. et al. The impact of physical fitness on resilience to modern life stress and the mediating role of general self-efficacy. Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 272, 679–692 (2022).


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