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“Shaping your future years – what a great coaching post. I’m back in Japan and now feel amazing. Thank you for your research.” [Tracy, Japan]

“Shaping your future – what a great post” wrote Tracy in the MyMT™ Coaching Group. Leaving Australia behind to fulfil her dream of running a ski-lodge in Japan with hubbie was finally happening. They had done this years ago, but settled in Australia to put the children through school. 

The trouble was, when menopause arrived, her joints were sore, she wasn’t sleeping and her symptoms were getting Tracy down. She was so concerned about her new life in Japan and not being able to ski! How familiar this story is to me. Millions of women around the world are just the same. They lose their confidence about the activities they enjoy because of their symptoms and joint pain. But why? Menopause has been getting the blame for decades, but this is a natural transition that we all go through. So why, when we’ve been active and healthy all our lives, does mid-life become so problematic? That was my curiosity too. 

“It’s been almost 3 weeks since I’ve been back in Japan” said Tracy, “but this time I’m armed with so much knowledge so looking after myself is different. I’ve been skiing most days and have surprised myself as to how my body is responding. I can’t thank you enough for all your research.” 

‘Shaping your Future’ is the theme of my coaching posts for women on the MyMT™ programme this week. Those who have just joined me on my January Intake (ON SALE FOR YOU NOW – LISTEN TO MY VIDEO BELOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE) are already underway listening to the modules and my coaching posts in the private community are designed to keep them on track and motivated. I love getting their feedback and answering their questions if they have any.

At the time of this newsletter, I’m about to leave beautiful Canada. My son is a competitive skier, so we enjoy supporting him as we can. For the past week I’ve been skiing at Revelstoke skifield in BC, Canada. This skifield is reknowned for the longest descent in North America and a decade ago when I was at the worst of my symptoms and hadn’t completed my studies on women’s healthy ageing, I hardly skied at all.
I wasn’t sleeping well, I was 15 kg heavier and my sore knees saw me sitting in the cafe drinking coffee for most of the day, rather than enjoying time skiing with my family. I mentioned to the women in my coaching group this week, that the memory of this was powerful, because when I took a break at lunch-time one day, I overheard two women in the coffee queue talking about how tired they were and how sore their knees were and how they couldn’t ski. A decade ago, I was that woman too.
Turning this around took knowledge from my women’s hea;thy ageing studies which then gave me the ability to turn my back on lifestyle strategies that are so heavily marketed to us, but are not suited to our changing hormones in menopause. I also learnt to turn my back on all the expensive supplements that are marketed to us as well for menopause. They are not evidenced against AGEING research and many are just a waste of money in the long term. If you aren’t sleeping, then no supplements will help you with the ongoing inflammation that builds up when we don’t sleep for weeks and even months on end. I found that out the hard way as well. 
That’s why I  women discovering how to manage their mid-life transition using lifestyle-change solutions that I have researched to get our symptoms and changing health back under control. If it’s gets them returning to the activities they used to do or taking up new activities in mid-life, then my job is done. 🙂 
As we commence another year, I wonder what you will do to reflect on where you are going this year? And I don’t mean a holiday … I’m talking about how you are going to shape your future – and of course, your ongoing commitment to ‘you’. To do this, you must look forward into your future and put your past behind you. This is what I’ve been supporting women to do this week in my coaching posts. We get so tied up in everyone else’s lives and problems, that it’s hard to focus on what ‘we’ want to achieve, but in mid-life we must! 

Un-tangling menopause and re-building my health began with understanding what menopause was and researching how the body needs to function when it no longer has reproductive hormones coursing through it. But to get to that point, we must FIRST, reduce and REVERSE our symptoms and replenish and RESTORE our health. If we want to ‘Shape Our Future’ then we must leave our past habits and routines behind.
Menopause and post-menopause means that we need to understand how the body is ageing and how to move with this, not resist it. This is what you learn in the MyMT programmes. You need to discover how to move from the ‘red zone’ back into the ‘green and yellow zone’ – from unhealthy to healthy. That’s what nobody is teaching us to do in the context of our menopause transition and yes, I had to research how to do this for myself. It’s not ‘just’ about nutrition either, it’s about sleeping, managing our temperature regulation and restoring our liver and gut health as well. ALL of these solutions are in both of the MyMT programmes for you. 
The more I began to explore why our menopause symptoms leave us feeling so unhealthy, the more I began to question ‘truth’ about the health, nutrition and exercise messages that influence us as we’ve gone throughout our life. And the more I began to reflect on this, the more I began to understand that like a jigsaw, there are many parts that make up the ‘whole’ to rebuilding ourselves and our health in mid-life. For example, new research shows that our past lifestyle influences our health as we age, and for many women going into and through menopause, as the first generation of women to do so much (or so little) exercise, we are unique and unlike our mother’s generation. There is often more inflammation and stress in our lives because we are modern, active women. This impacts our symptoms too. 
Feeling better during menopause isn’t about oestrogen as the supplement companies try to tell us – if you really think about it, our body is naturally trying to get rid of oestrogen.  It’s about re-balancing oestrogen with progesterone as both these hormones decline naturally as we age. If these are un-balanced, then as you are or will be learning, then other hormones such as our thyroid, adrenal and pituitary hormones get out of balance too.
When all of these hormones are out of balance, then this manifests as poor sleep, changing joint health, feeling bloated, feeling stressed, headaches and low energy. On top of this, when we aren’t eating well, or have lots of old injuries, or other changes to our gut-health, liver, joints etc then, inside our cells and tissues, there are pockets of inflammation that just build up inside our body.
I had no idea about all of this a decade ago when I was skiing at Revelstoke in BC, Canada and my joints were sore, I wasn’t sleeping and I was so overweight and bloated and feeling depressed. 
I didn’t know this, until I began to understand inflammation better and how many of the diseases of ‘older age’ occur due to the build-up of inflammation. We are the first generation of women to come through the rapid increase of changes to food, manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, exercise, sports supplements and medicines over the decades, so it’s no surprise that by the time we get to menopause, our body and brain is a little bit confused.

So, as we head into 2020, I want to ask you, what needs to change in your life? And, what is your determination and DESIRE to feel better and therefore, make some changes in your life? 

How do you change your way of living and shape your future years so you feel healthy and become or remain active and energetic as you age? How do you get ‘your’ life back and feel the way you used to feel? How do you put weight gain behind you forever? 

Well, the first thing I want you to do, is to reflect and remind yourself what you DON’T want. Then I want you to take time to reflect on HOW you are going to change your lifestyle behaviour and most importantly, WHY it matters to you. Only when we do this, can we start to rebuild ‘us’ and focus on what matters to our health.
As we head into another busy year ahead, I hope that you can join me and the hundreds of other women on the MyMT™ programmes, so I can teach you HOW to make the changes that you need to make to shape the future for you. Use the promo code JANUARY20 in the Buy Now buttons anywhere on the website or below. I look forward to helping you get your life back – after all you’ve done fro everyone else over the years, you deserve to focus on ‘you’. 🙂 

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