5 things you can do to move your changing health in menopause from the ‘red’ back to the ‘green’ zone!

Why is it that our health changes so much as we arrive in our menopause transition?  It’s a question I asked myself when my weight had reached an all-time high, my joints were sore, my energy levels were at rock-bottom and my cholesterol and blood pressure were increasing too. Don’t even mention my mood-swings, worsening […]

Why water intake matters to your hot flushes and aching muscles in menopause

When you walk through the small alpine village of Le Chable in Switzerland, you pass a number of ancient water troughs. Today, whilst out walking in this beautiful village, I filled up my water bottle from this water trough in the photo – yes the water is safe to drink and some of the best […]

Let’s go nuts about walnuts: A shout-out to the Prince of Wales and his organic walnuts for helping mid-life women towards their healthy ageing.

As you drive from Portsmouth to Reading in the United Kingdom, as I did this week as I traveled to my various lectures in the UK, you pass one of Prince Charles’ farms. You also drive past the odd Waitrose supermarkets that stock the Duchy brand of foods – these foods are sourced from the […]

“Shaping your future years – what a great coaching post. I’m back in Japan and now feel amazing. Thank you for your research.” [Tracy, Japan]

“Shaping your future – what a great post” wrote Tracy in the MyMT™ Coaching Group. Leaving Australia behind to fulfil her dream of running a ski-lodge in Japan with hubbie was finally happening. They had done this years ago, but settled in Australia to put the children through school.  The trouble was, when menopause arrived, her […]

VIDEO: Keep the Kegels! Restore your Core and Pelvic Floor with MyMT™ Rebuild My Fitness 12 week Programme.

diagram of pelvic floor muscle

Who knew that there were oestrogen receptors in our pelvic floor muscles? Did you? Or did you realise when you felt your stress incontinence becoming worse when you arrived in your 50’s? Most of us already know that our pelvic floor muscles lose much of their elasticity due to childbirth, but during menopause these sling-like […]

“I’m now sleeping and the visceral fat is dropping. Apparently, I’m younger too!” [Helene, Scotland]

There isn’t a lot of emphasis on exercise in the Transform Me weight loss programme. And yes, I know this sounds counter-intuitive to a generation of women who’ve been bought up on the notion that lots of exercise will help them to lose weight. But when we don’t sleep all night, the weight around the […]

Why social connection matters to your health as you age.

This painting of Queenstown’s Four Seasons that was in the stairwell of the Event Centre where I held my live-event this week was stunning. It depicts everything I love about this beautiful part of the world and it’s why I keep returning to my old stomping ground. I’ve been in and around this region all […]

Burn menopause fat and fight fatigue by looking after these powerful cells.

I remember Sally emailing me. Her energy levels were at rock bottom and she felt bad because she didn’t have the energy or motivation to go out mountain biking in the forest with her husband. They had both enjoyed this for years. Like so many women, Sally had no idea it was to do with […]

Not sleeping? Then be careful about how hard you work-out to prevent cardiac problems in menopause.

They were sitting in the front row of the seminar on Tuesday night. I was in Melbourne taking my last seminar for a few weeks. I saw them all look at each other after my comment – “The ladies on my programme know that I don’t want them to do too much high intensity exercise […]