Ageing Well through Menopause: Telomere length, inflammation and lifestyle factors.

Have you ever wondered why women, in general, live longer than men? Seven years longer in fact. This remarkable feat is mainly to do with the length of the telomeres. This is the name given to the tiny ‘hard-helmets’ on the ends of each DNA strand. Thanks to Leonard Hayflick’s work on DNA in the […]

“How I used to muddle my way through life, I don’t know!” [Kate M., UK]

After a three-day migraine, wrote Kate to me last week, I started trawling the internet about how menopause affected migraine, and I stumbled across MyMT™.  It seemed to leap out me as having something meaningful to say to me. However, I am naturally cynical about paying for random information online so I didn’t hold out […]

New Research: The Menopause transition and cardiovascular disease risk – and why the right exercise matters too.

In 1998, John Rowe and Robert Kahn, wrote a paper on ‘Successful Ageing’. This provided a summary of one of the very first studies on the health of older people in America. When the MacArthur Foundation Study of Aging in America began in 1987, I was a girl in my teens about to leave high-school […]

WORKOUT VIDEO – Help your ageing lymphatic system to function better with this 25 minute home-workout.

As we move through menopause, one of the things that helps our lymphatic system is gentle, low-impact aerobic exercise.  ‘Movement is Medicine’ in the MyMT programmes and it’s why, for the month of January, 2021, you can select the option to also come onto the Rebuild My Fitness programme as well as the Transform Me […]

Olive Oil and prevention of chronic inflammation. New research for women in menopause.

It’s been almost 50 years since researchers first started studying the Greek diet and studying Greeks living on the island of Crete. Low rates of heart disease and other conditions arising from inflammatory changes with age, led epidemiological researchers to the island. ‘Olive oil is the foremost source of fat in the Mediterranean Diet and […]

The growing movement of slow-jogging and why it’s good for you in menopause – but you must restore your joints first.

We all know that a little exercise or activity makes a big difference to how we feel but in a world where there is so much choice around the type of exercise that is promoted to mid-life women, I believe that simple aerobic exercise is being forgotten. I know myself that fitness messages have become […]

Keep your plantar ligament pliable in post-menopause.

If you are going to run, jog or jump, or even just walk up those hills as you get older, you need to love your feet – especially your plantar fascia which forms the ARCH of your foot. The plantar fascia is known as the ‘spring ligament’ for a reason. It is a strong ligament […]

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way now that you’re in menopause.” [Dr Wendy Sweet, MyMT™]

Don’t Look Back – You’re Not Going That Way Now … As I sit here writing this today, Auckland in New Zealand, is back ‘on alert’ with a return to our Alert Level 3 pandemic plan. Melbourne is the same as are many other cities or countries around the world. Hi to you all! Some […]

How do we feel healthy again during and after menopause? Discover my top-5 strategies.

Why is it that our health changes so much as we arrive in our menopause transition?  It’s a question I asked myself when my weight had reached an all-time high, my joints were sore, my energy levels were at rock-bottom and my cholesterol and blood pressure were increasing too. Don’t even mention my mood-swings, worsening […]