New Research: The seasons are changing and so is your skin in menopause which is why you need more Vitamin C.

For some of you in your early 50’s , it gets incredibly dry. For others of you, it gets ‘crinkly’ or ‘crepey’. Some of you are driven crazy because your skin starts to itch. Some of you even develop eczema. Many of you notice the dark spots arriving more rapidly too. As we transition menopause, […]

New Research: The association between your lifestyle and the severity of symptoms in menopause.

Iran has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past few weeks. The Covid-19 pandemic has hit it hard. I didn’t know where Yazd was until I read the research article. But smack in the middle of Iran lies Yzad province. Somewhere in this province is the Shahid Sadoughi University and […]

Why you need the power of sunlight to improve your immune health as you move through menopause.

Wow! What a week it has been – how are you getting on?  In this unprecedented public health crisis, my thoughts go out to to all of you not only struggling with the additional anxiety with the Coronavirus outbreak, but also because you may be struggling with your menopause symptoms as well. It’s doubly tough […]

With the Covid19 outbreak, it’s vital for women in menopause or post-menopause to improve lung function and here’s why.

Yesterday, I went swimming for my workout. I did a few lengths of overarm and then a few lengths of butterfly. Yes, butterfly! Each time I hit the end of the pool, I was breathing deeply with effort. But that’s the effect I needed. You see, I wanted to expand my lungs – get them […]

Lost your Libido? – Let’s go looking for it then.

It might be the week of romance with Valentine’s day this week, but I’m not thinking about all of the young lovers out there…. I’m thinking of all of you going into and through menopause. Because this is the time of life when women the world over find that their reducing oestrogen levels can cause […]

Why water intake matters to your hot flushes and aching muscles in menopause

When you walk through the small alpine village of Le Chable in Switzerland, you pass a number of ancient water troughs. Today, whilst out walking in this beautiful village, I filled up my water bottle from this water trough in the photo – yes the water is safe to drink and some of the best […]

Come behind the scenes with MyMT™ – “What I love is all the knowledge about how to look after myself in menopause. It’s life-changing!” [Tina, NZ]

Come Behind the Scenes with MyMT™:  Not sure whether the MyMT™ programmes are for you? Or perhaps you’ve been looking at the MyMT™ menopause transformation programmes and not sure how these might help you or how you even access your programme? If so, then let me take you behind the scenes because in your exclusive […]

FREE WEBINAR: Thank you UK women – it was great to meet you all. A summary of my ‘Masterclass on Menopause’ is here for you if you missed it.

It’s been a busy week taking my lecture series in Portsmouth, Reading and Oxford this week and wonderful to meet all of you who came along. I am so grateful to you all.  For those of you who aren’t at any of my event locations [more UK events coming up at the end of February], […]

“I couldn’t fit this beautiful jacket in peri-menopause. It sat in my wardrobe for 5 years until I un-tangled our menopause chaos.” [Dr Wendy Sweet, PhD/ MyMT™]

How do I convince you that yes, indeed you can feel better as you age?  How do I explain that when you aren’t sleeping during menopause, this starts a reaction of hormonal changes around your body that causes increased fatigue and immune system changes?  How do I help you understand that menopause is the opposite […]