The best beverage in menopause – for more reasons than you think.

If you’re feeling hotter as you move through your menopause transition, then I’m not surprised – especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment. Canada and parts of the US Pacific Northwest are sweltering and 2020 was announced as the warmest on record from the EU earth observation service. My heart goes […]

Have you got that dizzy feeling now that you’re in menopause?

It’s a long way from Nebraska to New Zealand, but the women from Nebraska who participated in one of the very first studies on menopause-related dizziness, just bought me a little bit closer to them. Because I now understand why I had to stop my beloved step-aerobic classes when I went into peri-menopause when the […]

Help your ageing thyroid to thrive and reduce symptoms in menopause.

‘Thyroid problems predominantly affect women – their incidence is 5-20 times higher in women than in men’ states the article I’m reading about our ageing thyroid in menopause (Gietka-Czernel, 2017). With the number of women on my menopause programmes who mention on their screening forms that they are in thyroid medication or have had problems […]

Dryness ‘down there’ in Menopause – an awkward topic, but Hadza tribal women experience it too.

As if the hot flushes, lack of sleep, sore joints, exhaustion and itchy skin weren’t complicated enough, then along comes vaginal dryness too. “What next?” I hear you cry, as one of the ladies also said when she messaged me about it recently. Dryness ‘down there’ caught me off-guard – so too did the pelvic […]

Improve your lung health in menopause and boost fat loss too.

As the world starts to open up and vaccine programmes roll out for women over 50, never before has it been more important to focus on our health – especially our lung and cardiovascular health. So, as a timely reminder, I want you to stop what you are doing, and take a few slow breaths […]

Swollen ankles, fluid retention and your changing lymphatic system in menopause.

She was hobbling up the stairs of the apartment complex where I am currently staying as we do our mid-life, down-size, kids-have-left-home shifting. I could see her struggling to walk up the short flight of stairs. Noticing her discomfort and poor movement, I was drawn to look at her ankles. They were swollen. I wondered […]

The link between your lifestyle and the severity of symptoms in menopause.

I didn’t know where Yazd was until I read the research article. But smack in the middle of Iran lies Yzad province. Somewhere in this province is the Shahid Sadoughi University and over the past year or so, within the Faculty of Medicine and School of Public Health, there has been some wonderful research being […]

Why your gut health changes during your menopause transition.

Every Wednesday I come up with a topic that I hope will interest you – perhaps something that you haven’t associated with how you are feeling now that you are going through your menopause transition, or you are in post-menopause. With so many women experiencing changing gut health as they move into their 50s, I […]

Your overactive bladder in menopause, especially during the night.

It wasn’t only the hot flushes and night sweats that were waking up Romany night after night. It was needing to pee as well.  I know that this affects many of you too. Because exactly one year ago before the world when into chaos, I was travelling throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, […]