The surprising changes to your muscles and energy cells as you move into peri-menopause.

“I’m alive. I’m happy. I’m here without any injuries, and I can stand on my own!” [Oksana Chusovitina] There she was, a diminutive figure clad in her sequinless leotard, on my TV screen. Such a different leotard from the other gymnasts I was seeing as I vaguely looked up from the work I was doing to […]

How to EAT in tune with your menstrual cycle in peri-menopause.

I remember 1987. In my late 20’s, my days were full of training for the emerging triathlon scene which was part of the changing physical landscape for women, along with the emergence of Jazzercise in the fitness industry. Working as a former nurse, I can’t believe all the training I did back then on top […]

How to EXERCISE in tune with your menstrual cycle in peri-menopause.

“The rise and fall of hormones during a woman’s menstrual cycle have a profound impact on performance.”    [Exercise Physiologist, Dr Stacy Sims, New Zealand]. Stacy’s work with female athletes is pioneering and her book called ROAR, should be on the book-shelf of any young female athlete wanting to improve their performance as part of […]

The Science of your Night Sweats in Menopause … and the nutrients you need to turn down the heat.

 “I’m lying awake every night and dripping with sweat!”  This was the cry I received last week from a lady living in the United Kingdom. Despite being on HRT she was confused. At only 46 years old, she also didn’t understand why her night sweats were even happening.  At first she blamed the heat-wave, but […]

Lost your Libido? – Let’s go looking for it then.

It might be the week of romance with Valentine’s day this week, but I’m not thinking about all of the young lovers out there…. I’m thinking of all of you going into and through menopause. Because this is the time of life when women the world over find that their reducing oestrogen levels can cause […]

Come behind the scenes with MyMT™ – “What I love is all the knowledge about how to look after myself in menopause. It’s life-changing!” [Tina, NZ]

Come Behind the Scenes with MyMT™:  Not sure whether the MyMT™ programmes are for you? Or perhaps you’ve been looking at the MyMT™ menopause transformation programmes and not sure how these might help you or how you even access your programme? If so, then let me take you behind the scenes because in your exclusive […]

Learn why your menopause weight gain, bloating and hot flushes are connected.

By the time I reached menopause I was puzzled. I couldn’t understand why I felt so bloated all the time, the weight was going on by the day and despite exercising daily and eating well, my hot flushes were worse in the evening – just when I was about to cook dinner and do the […]

VIDEO: Meet Wendy Sweet as she tells you about her revolutionary and refreshing approach to control of menopause symptoms.

Why do we have so many symptoms that impact on how we feel during our menopause transition? Why do we all need to suddenly take supplements and medicines when we’ve been healthy all our lives?  Why can’t we sleep? Why can’t we tolerate doing the exercise that we love to do? WHY? WHY? WHY? What […]

New Research: Your belly-fat in post-menopause … and why you shouldn’t just blame your hormones.

Have you ever wondered why so many women put on belly-fat as they move through menopause into post-menopause? This so confused me at the time. My legs were getting thinner, but my belly was getting bigger. Dangerously bigger. I knew it wasn’t good for my heart health and it was sending me down the slippery […]