“After a hysterectomy, my symptoms got worse, but this programme was a life-saver.”

I’m so thankful to Sherri in Victoria, Australia for sharing her story. It’s tough to have a hysterectomy and feel that now that you are in post-menopause, your symptoms will go away. But the uterus is full of oestrogen receptors that are removed and because of the powerful hormonal connection between our adrenal, thyroid and […]

Michaela is an Aussie girl living in Canada – her Beetroot Burgers are a hit in the MyMT™ Kitchen!

Montreal in Canada is warming up as summer knocks on its door after a long, tough winter. I know this because Michaela told me so. It’s a long way between where I am in New Zealand and Montreal, but the beauty of the MyMT™ community, is that we are all part of the ‘global village’. With grown-up […]

Meet Karen Tui Boyes – Passionate about Teachers in Menopause!

What do you do when you have so much going on in your life to help others, but you are feeling like you are only just getting through your day and the weight is stacking on, the hot flushes arrive and of course, the sleep doesn’t come?  For passionate ‘Educator of the Educators’, Karen Tui […]

“I’m an athlete and all the stress, lack of sleep and wieght gain had turned my body into a cocktail of hormones.” (Peta, Australia)

One of the main things that athletes like Peta discover in the MyMT™ programmes, is how much their training and competing affects both liver and gut health as they are transitioning menopause. I’m also always reminding them that when they aren’t sleeping, they are becoming ‘over-trained’ athletes – every single symptom of which mimics peri-menopause symptoms too. […]

“With a background in health I was impressed by Wendy’s evidence-based research. Get amongst it women!” (Jenny, NZ)

“I was delighted to come across Wendy’s programmes when I had been searching for health and well-being support during menopause. With a background in health I was impressed by her evidence-based research which was clearly translated into accessible and practical information. From her wealth of experience and expertise Wendy distils the wisdom of holistic wellness […]

Author and Magician, Romany, talks mid-life magic with Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

One of the things I feel passionate about is connecting amazing women with other amazing women. When Sexy Ageing Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, asked me for recommendations for her podcast recently, I knew I had to team her up with UK Author and Magician, Romany-Romany. (Yes, that’s her real name!). So, here they both are on […]

“I felt like I was running on adrenaline yet was totally exhausted. Some days it just felt like I was trying to pull myself through quicksand.” [Aleta, Australia]

“The year 2019 was a year where I felt totally uncomfortable within myself at 54 years of age. Stressful events, an all-consuming full-time job and life-threatening family illnesses had caused me to feel like I was constantly on the run and waiting for the next wave of something terrible to happen. I felt like I […]

“I was so sleep deprived and feeling down all the time. Now, my symptoms are gone!” – Rachel, Auckland, NZ

When you have a busy family life and you’ve  been active for years, but menopause arrives and you begin to feel exhausted, it can be really confusing. Rachel felt like this too, and as someone who has worked as part of a collaborative team for years leading community learning, Rachel is a woman who is […]

VIDEO: Meet Wendy!

“Who are you?” she screamed into the email that arrived in my in-box this week. “Why are  you sending me a newsletter? I don’t even know you.”  I replied saying that she must have taken my menopause symptoms quiz and therefore, she gets my free weekly newsletter. “Ah, I didn’t realise” she said. “I never watched […]