Author and Magician, Romany, talks mid-life magic with Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

One of the things I feel passionate about is connecting amazing women with other amazing women. When Sexy Ageing Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, asked me for recommendations for her podcast recently, I knew I had to team her up with UK Author and Magician, Romany-Romany. (Yes, that’s her real name!). So, here they both are on […]

“I felt like I was running on adrenaline yet was totally exhausted. Some days it just felt like I was trying to pull myself through quicksand.” [Aleta, Australia]

“The year 2019 was a year where I felt totally uncomfortable within myself at 54 years of age. Stressful events, an all-consuming full-time job and life-threatening family illnesses had caused me to feel like I was constantly on the run and waiting for the next wave of something terrible to happen. I felt like I […]

“I was so sleep deprived and feeling down all the time. Now, my symptoms are gone!” – Rachel, Auckland, NZ

When you have a busy family life and you’ve  been active for years, but menopause arrives and you begin to feel exhausted, it can be really confusing. Rachel felt like this too, and as someone who has worked as part of a collaborative team for years leading community learning, Rachel is a woman who is […]

VIDEO: Meet Wendy!

“Who are you?” she screamed into the email that arrived in my in-box this week. “Why are  you sending me a newsletter? I don’t even know you.”  I replied saying that she must have taken my menopause symptoms quiz and therefore, she gets my free weekly newsletter. “Ah, I didn’t realise” she said. “I never watched […]

“I was at my wit’s end with my menopausal weight gain.” [Michaela, Canada] – and she shares her Beetroot Burgers with you too.

Ontario in Canada is hot and humid at the moment. I know this because Michaela told me so. Living in New Zealand, Canada seems a long way away, but the beauty of the MyMT community, is that we are all part of the ‘global village’. With grown-up triplets, Michaela has been busy for years, but […]

“Every joint and muscle in my body seemed to ache. I had no idea that this was due to menopause.” [Lesley, Cornwall, UK]

When you retire from teaching after devoting your entire career to supporting others, it’s tough not to be able to get on with living the life you dreamed of. This is Lesley’s story. She lives in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. “Every joint & muscle in my body seemed to ache. Hot flushes: common menopausal […]

“I’m sleeping, my joints don’t ache and I’ve got more energy to put into my new design business.” [Jane]

MyMT Client

“I used to struggle because often I would sit down and my eyes would close. But doing your programme has enabled me to be here to showcase my design and making of beautiful furniture. I have always loved making things and your programme has given me back my sleep, energy and joint health.”   When you […]

“As a busy nurse doing shift work, I used to feel exhausted. I’m now 13kg lighter, fitter and happier.” [Lydia, Australia]

The feelings of exhaustion when you are doing shift work are almost overwhelming. But you push on and keep going because this is what you have to do. But not sleeping is the turning-point for our health and all Lydia wanted was to feel healthy and energetic again. As a busy nurse doing shift work, […]

“I was so exhausted, but we women just try to keep going don’t we?” [Anna Loypur, Melbourne]

When you manage a team of over 90 staff, life can be stressful – even more so, when you own the business. Now, double that stress and its effect on you when you aren’t sleeping and waking up to night sweats. Every day becomes a battle. Anxiety levels increase as do hot flushes too. But […]