The science of menopause weight gain and the role of oestrogen in fat storage cells.

Overweight and obesity, according to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) are considered as an abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health (WHO, 2016). For those of us who have ‘been there’ with our increased fat distribution during our menopause transition, some of these health issues include:  higher blood pressure changing […]

5 Reasons for your Weight Gain in your 50s and 60s.

“If your waist is ‘thickening’, your body-shape is changing and you are going into or through menopause, let me explain why!”[Dr Wendy Sweet, Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher & MyMT Coach] When my own mother reached mid-life, menopause wasn’t spoken about, but thinking back, I now realise that this was when her  health started to change. […]

Why your liver-health matters more than you think for weight loss in menopause.

It took me a long time to figure out that our liver and gall bladder are so affected by hormonal changes as we age. Despite my efforts at daily exercise, eating well and trying to look after myself, the weight stacked on. I think the hardest part was the bloating and ‘puffiness’ around my eyes […]

The growing movement of slow-jogging and why it’s good for you in menopause – but you must restore your joints first.

We all know that a little exercise or activity makes a big difference to how we feel but in a world where there is so much choice around the type of exercise that is promoted to mid-life women, I believe that simple aerobic exercise is being forgotten. I know myself that fitness messages have become […]

The powerful connection between your sleep and weight management in menopause.

If you added up all the nights in the week that you lie awake between 2-4am, how many would that be? Is it 5 or more? I’m asking you this, because when I’ve presented my Masterclass on Menopause seminars over the years, this is the question that women groan at the most. And asking that […]

VIDEO: The Science of your Weight Loss’ with Dr Wendy Sweet from MyMT™

VIDEO: “When I went into peri-menopause, I had no idea as to why my weight was going up despite regular exercise, eating well and doing all the same things that I had done for years to manage my weight. It was only when I did my women’s healthy ageing studies, that I realised that I […]

Burn menopause fat and fight fatigue by looking after these powerful cells.

I remember Sally emailing me. Her energy levels were at rock bottom and she felt bad because she didn’t have the energy or motivation to go out mountain biking in the forest with her husband. They had both enjoyed this for years. Like so many women, Sally had no idea it was to do with […]

Learn why your menopause weight gain, bloating and hot flushes are connected.

By the time I reached menopause I was puzzled. I couldn’t understand why I felt so bloated all the time, the weight was going on by the day and despite exercising daily and eating well, my hot flushes were worse in the evening – just when I was about to cook dinner and do the […]

New Research: Your belly-fat in post-menopause … and why you shouldn’t just blame your hormones.

Have you ever wondered why so many women put on belly-fat as they move through menopause into post-menopause? This so confused me at the time. My legs were getting thinner, but my belly was getting bigger. Dangerously bigger. I knew it wasn’t good for my heart health and it was sending me down the slippery […]