New Research: The 5 ‘real’ reasons for your belly-fat weight gain in menopause.

“If your waist is ‘thickening’, your body-shape is changing and you are going into or through menopause, then let me explain why!” [Dr Wendy Sweet, Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher & MyMT Coach] When my own mother reached mid-life, it wasn’t spoken about, but thinking back I now realise that this was when her  health started […]

Tired? Bloated? Overweight? On HRT? Discover why your liver matters in menopause.

It took me a long time to figure out that our liver and gall bladder are so affected by hormonal changes during menopause. Not one health, medical or exercise professional I sought support from in terms of my weight, bloating and changing heart health spoke to me about my liver. And yes, that was partly […]

Why are we taking oestrogen in menopause HRT if we are putting on lots of belly fat? You see, our fat cells store this oestrogen too.

I’m so proud of Leann. I’m not entirely sure how much weight she has lost, but you can see the incredible transformation in this amazing rural woman from Australia.  Leann and hubbie, Neil, live in a beautiful location in Queensland, Australia and yes, life is busy. In fact, over the years, there has been so […]

Why Mindfulness Matters to your Weight Loss in Menopause

mature lady yoga at the beach

The flight was at 35,000 feet and Dame Judi Dench was talking. My earphones were on and I was watching the in-flight movies as you do when you’re on the long haul from New Zealand to the United Kingdom. ‘Lunch with Four Dames’ had been on my to-watch list for a while. Dames Judi Dench, […]

VIDEO: The Science of your Weight Loss’ with Dr Wendy Sweet from MyMT™

VIDEO: “When I went into peri-menopause, I had no idea as to why my weight was going up despite regular exercise, eating well and doing all the same things that I had done for years to manage my weight. It was only when I did my women’s healthy ageing studies, that I realised that I […]

Burn menopause fat and fight fatigue by looking after these powerful cells.

I remember Sally emailing me. Her energy levels were at rock bottom and she felt bad because she didn’t have the energy or motivation to go out mountain biking in the forest with her husband. They had both enjoyed this for years. Like so many women, Sally had no idea it was to do with […]

Learn why your menopause weight gain, bloating and hot flushes are connected.

By the time I reached menopause I was puzzled. I couldn’t understand why I felt so bloated all the time, the weight was going on by the day and despite exercising daily and eating well, my hot flushes were worse in the evening – just when I was about to cook dinner and do the […]

New Research: Your belly-fat in post-menopause … and why you shouldn’t just blame your hormones.

Have you ever wondered why so many women put on belly-fat as they move through menopause into post-menopause? This so confused me at the time. My legs were getting thinner, but my belly was getting bigger. Dangerously bigger. I knew it wasn’t good for my heart health and it was sending me down the slippery […]

VIDEO: “Like most working mothers, I put my head down, hoping my symptoms would miraculously go away. They didn’t – until I found Wendy’s programme.” [Danni, New Zealand]

“I had been struggling by myself to try and manage my health after developing Graves disease, a congenital hyper-active thyroid condition that started to occur in my menopause years. This was triggering a heart condition that threw me into atrial fibrillation intermittently, and put me at high risk of potentially suffering a stroke.  But like […]