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“I can’t believe how quickly I’ve noticed a change. My sleep is better, my hot sweats have reduced to non-existent …!”

All it takes is one hour a week …. to hide yourself away with your computer or iphone or ipad or mobile phone, and you listen to me explaining how to sleep all night, manage a condition called oestrogen dominance, turn around your liver health (using scientific facts, not facebook-fiction), restore your energy and change your habits for the vitality and energy you need to get everything done that you want to achieve in the year ahead. 

There are also bonus modules for Restoring your Joyful Joints and webinars which give you the powerful lifestyle solutions you need if you want to eventually get off HRT or your anti-depressants (which you do with your Doctor’s permission).

Whether you need to learn how to reset your hormones for menopause weight loss (the Transform Me programme) and/or symptoms reduction (the Circuit Breaker programme), then all you do is LISTEN, LEARN and then over the next fortnight before your other module is opened for you, it’s up to you to put what I tell you into ACTION. If anything needs changing up or isn’t working, then all you do is email me and we problem-solve together.

I’ve set up the step-by-step modules and webinars in the MyMT™ programmes to take just 45 minutes of your time to listen to. Then after you listen to your module, you download my summary which is your ‘Daily Dozen’ of things to put into action over the next fortnight before your next module is released.

In each webinar I explain WHY you need to change a specific aspect of your daily routines. For example, in the Sleep Management module, there are evidenced strategies that I explain to you, that help you to remove your hot flushes, night sweats and busy tired brain that are keeping you awake. I also step you through HOW to turn around your Circadian Rhythm.

When Sarah had been on the programme for only 2 weeks, she sent me the email in the image below. Is this you too? 

What I want you to understand is this – when oestrogen and our master pituitary hormones start to decline in our menopause transition, we need to understand what to do to compensate for our natural biological changes – menopause is NOT the issue. We all go through this life-stage. And we don’t need all the endless expensive supplements either. What we need is to know what to do to help our body transition and this is what I’ve done for you (and myself!) – I’ve pulled together powerful lifestyle research from women’s healthy ageing studies and put it into this powerful programme for you. I called it My Menopause Transformation, because that’s what it did for me as well. 🙂 

What we need to know is how to help our body transition and/or turn around our symptoms and weight if we are already through menopause into post-menopause (yes, the programme is for you if you are post-menopause as well). Turning around our symptoms starts with sleeping all night and restoring joint health and stopping gaining weight, if you have put it on (not all women put on weight of course). So, depending on the programme you choose, the first module teaches you to achieve these things in both of the MyMT™ programmes.

I’ve done all the research for you. All you need to do is to put into action, my powerful strategies.

I’m so excited to offer you both my MyMT™ 12 week programs ON SALE up until the end of January. That’s not too far away! You save NZ$50 by using the Promo code JANUARY20 in the Buy Now button below making this NZ$87/ AUS$80/ UKÂŁ44 per month for 3 months. This pricing won’t be repeated. 

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January is the time to take stock of the year past and the year to come. Was your 2020 goal to work on your menopause symptoms, your health and/or your increasing weight? I hope so, because I have the information you need! 

If I told you that ALL IT TAKES IS ONE HOUR A WEEK to work on your health and reduce your symptoms in menopause, could you find that hour? I hope so!

Perhaps you are back at work already and your lovely holiday break is already a distant memory? Or maybe your new year resolution to eat healthier and get more exercise is almost forgotten already?

Don’t worry, I know that feeling of frustration well. It is why I have created both the MyMT™ programmes – Circuit Breaker for thinner/ leaner women and Transform Me for overweight women. Both are specifically researched and developed for women who have hit menopause and now feel like they are no longer in control of how their body is changing. I was ‘this woman’ too and when I began to understand that menopause itself isn’t the problem (this is a natural life-stage that all women go through), the real problem is oestrogen – too much of it! When we don’t change our lifestyle to adapt and respond to menopause, then our body goes into ‘distress’ mode. Not sleeping is the first step.

That’s why, if this is you, then I hope you can join me.

We are in the process of closing our January intake and I am so excited because we have hit a record – 2020 is going strong and we now have over 2,500 women in 20 countries on the programme. We might all live in different locations but we are all united in our menopause transition!

If you want to learn more please watch the video below – I have a special offer for you as a MyMT™ subscriber, but it is closing soon so don’t wait any longer…. Please join me and together we will kick start 2020 with my tried and trusted Circuit Breaker menopause symptom reduction programme or my Transform Me weight loss programme.

Wendy Sweet, PhD/ Women’s Healthy Ageing Researcher & MyMT Founder/ Member: Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Society/NZ REPs Exercise Specialist.  

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