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“It’s the evening hours that are tough – when you feel hot and bothered but there’s a lot going on in the home too.” [Wendy, MyMT]

When I was in my 50s, I had teenage kids at home – life was always busy and on the go. The evening hours were the worst though, when I was home from a long day at the university, having picked up kids from school sports or other commitments. It felt like the day had only just begun – dinner needed to be cooked and I felt so ‘hot’ in the evening. I explain why, in this short video below. 

The circadian rhythm is powerful and it controls our temperature regulation. As I mention in the video, the hours between 6-9pm are when we often feel hot and bothered. If you have time over the weekend, then please listen to the Masterclass on Menopause as I explain in more depth about why your temperature regulation gets so out of balance in the evening and during the day. I have solutions in there too. There is only a small admin fee of NZ$15 or UK£10 as I host you in my member area – you have 3 months access in there to watch it … for those of you who are continually time-poor, then this gives you the time you need. 

Whatever you are doing this weekend, then I hope you enjoy reading my newsletter and gaining  the knowledge you need at this time of life. 

Wendy Sweet (PhD), Member: Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 

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