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Author and Magician, Romany, talks mid-life magic with Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

One of the things I feel passionate about is connecting amazing women with other amazing women. When Sexy Ageing Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, asked me for recommendations for her podcast recently, I knew I had to team her up with UK Author and Magician, Romany-Romany. (Yes, that’s her real name!). So, here they both are on this Interview for you. I hope you can listen sometime. 

Romany is a magic maker, both through illusions and by manifesting her dreams. A truly inspirational woman who shares her incredible story of courage, determination and resilience. Romany shares in her book of her struggles with an eating disorder and how she overcame this to follow her dreams of becoming a magician and ultimately the first and only woman to ever win the World Magic Awards in Las Vegas.

Podcaster and Founder of Sexy Ageing Podcasts, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, talked to Romany recently and I wanted to share it with you below. 

Before the world turned to chaos, Romany was on-tour performing her one woman magic show on luxury cruise ships and international shows. In 2018, she wrote “Spun Into Gold – The Secret Life of a Female Magician” which gives an honest account of her journey to overcome her eating disorder and mental health issues and ultimately breaking the glass ceiling of a predominantly male dominated industry. Romany shares her experiences with peri-menopause and how she was able to understand her symptoms through the MyMenopauseTransformation Program with Dr Wendy Sweet from Episodes 1 and 2 of  Tracy’s podcasts. [LISTEN HERE]

As Romany mentioned to me, “There is something wonderful about menopausal women that I’ve discovered. We’ve got to this age and are sharing these ‘oh so lovely’ symptoms of hot flushes, all over body aches and grrrrrrrrumpiness! We realise how fantastic we are,  and we see it in each other. What I notice is how much more supportive we are of each other.

The ambitious competitiveness of my 20s and 30s is gone, now I’m just eager to sleep through the night! Meeting Wendy has been a life changer for me, following her course has literally saved my sanity as well as my bod. More than that, Wendy has gone out of her way to encourage me with promoting my book Spun Into Gold, to finding new ways to do business post-covid and this week put me in touch with Tracy Minnoch Nuku, who produces a great podcast.

This week I’m talking to her about ageing, following my dreams, surviving an eating disorder and sequins. I’d love you to listen!” 

lots of love,


Discover Romany’s book ‘SPUN  INTO GOLD: The secret life of a female Magician’ ON AMAZON

Tracy Minnoch-Nuku is the Founder of Sexy podcasts. To hear more wonderful stories from women, head to her website by clicking on the link below. 

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