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“I’ve lost 5 kg, but best of all, my energy is back. MyMT was the best investment I made in ‘me’.” – Sally Bower

All Sally wanted was to have the energy she used to have, so she could get back mountain-bike riding with hubbie on the weekends. It’s what they had done together for years. Finally having the time for more recreational activities when she became an ’empty-nester’ at 55 years, Sally ended up feeling cheated by menopause. Not sleeping and daily fatigue was wearing her down and leaving her too exhausted to do the activity that she loved to do. She felt frustrated and confused. 

While she had always been physically active and fit and with her diet “pretty good really”, she was confused about why she was on a treadmill of diminishing returns in regards to her health and fitness in mid-life.

Working as a medical laboratory scientist meant that she had a leaning towards fact based information and what she read on the MyMT website, bought together the pieces of information that she had been aware of, but didn’t know how to put together in a way that was cohesive and made sense.

“I loved how Wendy had been through menopause so knew what I was experiencing and I’m amazed how, through her research, she managed to pull everything together in the way that she did” said Sally. 

“With the programme teaching me how to change my nutrition to better suit the women’s healthy ageing research that Wendy introduces us too, I got my husband on board as well. We revised how we shopped and prepared our meals and then changed the timing of when we ate according to the MyMT™ food planning and the fabulous recipes” said Sally.

“I had some big wins in the first few weeks of being on MyMT™ . I was amazed and like most women, I had no idea how the type and timing of my food intake was affecting my sleep quality.  At long last I began to get some decent sleep! The programme is amazing. 

“Actually, it was lots of little things that have helped turn my symptoms around. I can see why Wendy has this programme as a 12 week progressive programme, because when you learn how everything ties together, it makes so much sense. What worked the most, was when I had completed the programme and put everything that Wendy had in there about the integration of food, sleep, exercise, hormonal health, stress management and temperature regulation. For example, with what I learnt to do on the sleep module, I started to turn around the length of my sleep without waking up, which was a savior, as when I did, I used to find it so difficult to get back to sleep. I also learnt how to get off sweet things and the specific strategies that I could use to do this. Now, I don’t have any cravings at all. I’m so amazed at how it all worked for me.”

From those first few weeks of getting such positive results, to now, Sally acknowledges that there has been so much more than she could have imagined, that she has gained from her journey.

“I’ve lost 5kg without even trying, but best of all, I have my energy back. This programme has been the best investment into myself that I could have made for me.”

Sally Bower, New Zealand


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