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MyMT™ PODCAST: Menopause and Exercise hosted by ZEST Wellness.

What describes you – are you lean and mean and usually a killer on the gym floor and starting to struggle?  Or do you have a patchier relationship with exercise, have put on a few kilos and are just wondering how to get through the day?, mentions research scientist and ZEST Wellness Founder, Dr Anna Campbell, in her introduction to the podcast. 

Anna and her colleague, Darcy Schack, a research engineer, have a podcast called, Wellness for the Rest of Us, and each week, they speak to experts around the world who are engaged in wellness and health. 

If you are a fan of podcasts, then I hope you can listen to what I have to say to Anna and Darcy about exercise and menopause? And yes, I have a lot to say!

Anna herself is entering menopause, and as she mentioned, “I used to do lots of high intensity exercise, but now I understand why I was so exhausted. I wasn’t sleeping, but pushing myself through heavy workouts.”

It’s always such a privilege to be interviewed and share some insights about the connections between menopause hormonal changes and aspects of our everyday lives. For many women, this means exploring the decisions about their exercise.

There is a lot of information available about dealing with menopause – some of it confusing and some of it contentious … especially when it comes to exercise choices.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. 

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