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PODCAST: Anna and Darcy are Nutraceutical Scientists … we talk menopause, inflammation and lots more!

Their purpose is similar to mine – to change lives by empowering people to take control of their own health, with lifestyle changes and natural products. So, when she listened to my Masterclass on Menopause, ZESTT Wellness Scientist, Anna Campbell (PhD) was intrigued. 

She hadn’t heard about the link between menopause hormonal changes and inflammation. My comments struck home with her because between herself and ZESTT Wellness Co-Founder, Darcy Schack, they know a lot about inflammatory changes in the body and how these impact on people’s health, especially as individuals get older. 

With Darcy suffering from an inflammatory, autoimmune disease known as sarcoidosis, which impacts the lungs and lymph glands, he was fascinated by my own studies and the link between our menopause symptoms and inflammatory changes in the body during midlife.

Women are all different when it comes to managing their menopause symptoms” mentioned Anna to me, “and for me I’m just entering menopause and I’m really interested in what you have to say as it’s really cutting edge in terms of linking in inflammation and ageing!”

If you would like to listen, then please do and I encourage you to have a look around the ZESTT Wellness website, where Anna and Darcy work hard every day to bring the science of plant nutraceuticals to your attention via their amazing anti-inflammatory supplements. 

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