Is it Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome or Menopause or Both?

If you were to pull out a blank piece of paper and list all the factors that drain your energy in a day or week, I wonder what would be on that list? From doing too much (or too little) exercise to your constantly busy-brain to menstrual blood losses to looking at your computer screen […]

“It’s funny what you said about why I have to eat more food because I do weight training. I now understand why my energy was low!” [Julie, NZ]

When I founded the New Zealand personal training industry in the early 1990’s, I never imagined that I would, one day, be guiding some of New Zealand’s leading Personal Trainers through menopause. Nor did I ever imagine that I would be advising exercise professionals to reduce their exercise and for those who are leaner and […]

Why your gut health changes during your menopause transition.

Every Wednesday I come up with a topic that I hope will interest you – perhaps something that you haven’t associated with how you are feeling now that you are going through your menopause transition, or you are in post-menopause. With so many women experiencing changing gut health as they move into their 50s, I […]

The Food Inflammation Connection

When you are finally getting to do one of the world’s greatest walks in the wettest region of New Zealand, you just know that you are going to have to hike in the rain. And yes, for an entire day we did. Hut life is interesting. It’s a chance to meet fellow ‘trackies’ and of […]

The link between your sore joints and changing oestrogen levels during Menopause.

It’s not often that a week goes by when I don’t receive messages and emails from women who are curious to know if their sore joints and aching muscles are anything to do with menopause. It’s the same when women used to come to my live-events before the world turned to chaos. When I enquired […]

Author and Magician, Romany, talks mid-life magic with Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku

One of the things I feel passionate about is connecting amazing women with other amazing women. When Sexy Ageing Podcaster, Tracy Minnoch-Nuku, asked me for recommendations for her podcast recently, I knew I had to team her up with UK Author and Magician, Romany-Romany. (Yes, that’s her real name!). So, here they both are on […]

“I feel so much more positive about myself now. I’ve lost 30kg and my joints are so much better as is my energy.” [Linda, NZ]

It’s taken a year and at first, Linda took her time to get underway on the MyMT™ Transform Me programme. Disillusioned with so many other strategies for losing weight, she now understands that none of the other programmes she tried were specialising in her changing heart health and metabolism as she moved into post-menopause.  “I’ve done […]

Why you need to boost your aerobic exercise during menopause and beyond.

The image above is Kaye. Previously living in Cairns, Australia, she now lives in New Zealand and this photo was taken when she ran her very first marathon. Amazing! 16kgs down and slow jogging her way around the 42km course. I still remember her email to me when she first joined the MyMT™ weight loss […]

Wild Yams for Post-Menopause Hot Flushes – what the science says.

If you’ve walked into your pharmacy or health supplement shop lately and cast your eyes over the plethora of menopause-related supplements and creams, you might have noticed that the ingredients list mentions wild yams. Or perhaps you are taking your ‘bio-identical’ hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and when you look at the ingredients, they mention wild […]