Still putting on weight in menopause despite all that exercise? Then let me explain why …

For over 30 years I’ve seen the numbers of new members visiting the gym swell in the New Year. With promises of weight loss and improved fitness, Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors would implore those attending to sweat hard for their weight management. When I used to be that young Personal Trainer too and […]

‘The Art of Not Falling Apart’ (a book by Christina Patterson) and why menopause makes anxiety worse.

I know a bit about stress. Not only my own ‘butterflies in my gut’ experiences from my former life as a nurse working in fast-paced life and death environments in Intensive Care, but also teaching about athlete stress to Sport and Exercise students. Until I did my PhD, I had never thought about how our […]

How stress affects your sleep, anxiety, hot flushes and sore joints in menopause.

Life was already pretty overwhelming and exhausting for women going into menopause. Now, it just got a whole lot more complex. Changes to working environments, worry about family members, feeling financially stressed, trying to cope with additional mouths to feed at home all day as children go into lock-down as well, let alone our symptoms […]

NEW VIDEO: Let’s all stay resilient and remember, we are stronger together.

Let’s build our resilience together … we’re better together.  “When we fully embrace and try to understand the situation and embark on a gentle and considered way forward, we can come out the other side stronger for it.”   [Matthew Johnstone – The Little Book of Resilience].  Without a doubt I am thinking of you all […]

The Corona Pantry: A family favourite bursting with beans.

In my childhood, beans were culinary outcasts. The only beans that my mother had in her pantry were heavy in a thick, sugary sauce but when we were rushing out the door to run for the school bus, for my mother, they were a quick and easy breakfast to feed us kids. Watties Baked Beans […]

Loving your ageing lungs with the right nutrition in menopause.

Feeding your Lungs to Keep them Healthy: Will you have an apple today? The ‘advice’ that is all over the internet about how to manage your health during these unprecedented times is almost as over-whelming as the virus itself. But the only people on the planet who understand the Coronavirus are the incredible Physicians and […]

Exercise and your ageing immune system and my 3 top exercises to boost your immunity during menopause.

Since the mid-1980s researchers have systematically examined the effects of a session of exercise on immune function. With the health chaos that the world is experiencing, I’m reminded of this research today. Never before have we become so aware of our immune function and for women in menopause, immune health is crucial to look after. […]

“As a busy nurse doing shift work, I used to feel exhausted. I’m now 13kg lighter, fitter and happier.” [Lydia, Australia]

In a shout-out to all the Nurses, Doctors and other health workers who are going through an incredibly stressful time at the moment, I was thinking of Lydia who is a nurse in Australia. As a former ICU nurse, I understand the incredible stress and risk you are all under. I salute you all and […]

Why you need the power of sunlight to improve your immune health as you move through menopause.

Wow! What a week it has been – how are you getting on?  In this unprecedented public health crisis, my thoughts go out to to all of you not only struggling with the additional anxiety with the Coronavirus outbreak, but also because you may be struggling with your menopause symptoms as well. It’s doubly tough […]