“Every joint and muscle in my body seemed to ache. I had no idea that this was due to menopause. But now I’m back runnning and have lost 15lbs.” [Lesley, Cornwall, UK]

When you retire from teaching after devoting your entire career the supporting others, it’s tough not to be able to get on with living the life you dreamed of. This is Lesley’s story. She lives in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. “Every joint & muscle in my body seemed to ache. Hot flushes: common menopauseal […]

New Research: Why your diet in menopause affects your sleep.

The first studies to examine the sleep-inducing effects of a specific food date back to the 1970s. I think many of us remember the malted milk drink, Horlicks. Using time-lapse cinematography, a group of researchers recorded sleep movements after the consumption of 350 mL of warm water by a group of subjects, compared to another […]

The powerful connection between your sleep and weight management in menopause.

If you added up all the nights in the week that you lie awake between 2-4am, how many would that be? Is it 5 or more? I’m asking you this, because when I’ve presented my Masterclass on Menopause seminars over the years, this is the question that women groan at the most. And asking that […]

Why your hot flushes become worse during or after menopause, despite HRT: My top 8 reasons.

Every day I get emails from women who are thinking about joining me on the MyMT programmes, because they feel over-whelmed with night sweats and hot flushes. Women in their 40’s right through to their 60’s.  I am astounded by how many are on HRT or Bio-identical hormones …. the same medical interventions that are […]

How the Mediterranean Diet reduces inflammation that can change our heart health during menopause.

When there’s so many different diets in the world today, it’s hard to determine which one is ‘best’. I still remember my confusion with understanding what and how to eat as I moved into my 50’s. But carrying an additional 15kg of weight that wasn’t shifting with the popular Keto and Paleo diets that abound […]

“I am, finally, calm and back in control. I sleep deeply and my plantar fasciitis is gone!” [Lucinda, Australia]

“I came to My Menopause Transformation somewhat jaded and utterly exhausted. Sleep had become a battleground, my body wracked by hot flushes and worries about the weight gain that not even one solid hour of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), a day could shift. No matter what I did, I felt tired beyond measure, and the […]

“My Doctor has taken me off my diabetes medication. I’m so excited!” [Losena, Melbourne]

Imagine a place where you can learn how to turn around your health so you have a clear path to sleep all night, lose weight and feel like you have the energy you deserve during your 50’s. I get some pretty amazing emails from women on the MyMT™ programmes arrive in my Inbox. I do love […]

Are you a regular exerciser? Discover the power of purple to boost blood vessels as you move through menopause.

If your muscles are aching for hours after exercise now that you’re transitioning through menopause, or your restless legs are keeping you awake at night, then you need to focus on reducing inflammation in your beautiful blood vessels too.  Like many active mid-life women, I feel pretty ‘in-tune’ with my body. I know how it […]

“When I felt tired, depressed, overweight and my cholesterol climbed, nobody mentioned menopause.” [Dianne, Brisbane, Australia]

“Over the last few years I had gained quite a lot of weight, was often hot at night, was depressed and tired all the time, but I’d never really considered that there was anything I could do about this.  My doctor at the time had put me on antidepressants and, re the weight, just said, […]