NEW VIDEO: Let’s all stay resilient and remember, we are stronger together.

Let’s build our resilience together … we’re better together.  “When we fully embrace and try to understand the situation and embark on a gentle and considered way forward, we can come out the other side stronger for it.”   [Matthew Johnstone – The Little Book of Resilience].  Without a doubt I am thinking of you all […]

If you want to sleep all night, reduce hot flushes or achieve menopause weight loss, or you want to rebuild your fitness, then discover which MyMT™ programme is for you.

Imagine feeling like your old-self again. Imagine saving money on all those supplements and medications you are taking to reduce your menopause symptoms. Imagine having the energy you deserve in mid-life …. Whether you are in peri-menopause or post-menopause, knowledge is power. So when it comes to our menopause transition I want you to become […]

Boost your mood and blood vessels this Easter: MyMT™ wishes you a wonderful dark-chocolate filled Easter!

Chocolate hearts

Yes you can have some dark chocolate this Easter – not too much and not too little. Happy Easter to you all! Having a small amount of dark chocolate is part of the MyMT Food Guide in both of my programmes, because of the wonderful healthy antioxidants it contains … and the darker the better. […]

Have we got menopause symptom management all wrong?

When I learnt that women from different cultures experience menopause in different ways in terms of symptoms, I was curious. Women living in Western countries report more symptoms than those from non-Western cultures. Understanding this when I was so confused about my own menopause mayhem, left me wondering what menopause is and how the way […]

Discover my 6 ‘foodie’ tips that will help reduce your HOT FLUSHES, keep your BLOOD PRESSURE low & help you STAY CALM this Christmas!

Turkey or Ham? Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes? Broccoli or Cauliflower? Spinach or Kale? Beetroot or Parsnip? Steamed pudding or pavlova? Of all the hundreds of coaching posts that I’ve written for women who join me in the private MyMT communities for my three different 12 week programmes – [Circuit Breaker, Transform Me & my new […]

Learning that I was storing too much oestrogen in my fat cells during menopause changed my health & my hot flushes.

It was an interesting day yesterday – I was interviewed on New Zealand’s National Radio about my PhD – what a wonderful opportunity to raise the flag for women’s healthy ageing! If you would like to listen to what I said, then I’ve put the link at the bottom of this article which you can […]

“I’m slimmer, healthier, sleeping and happy. Your menopause programme is life-changing.”

“Hi Wendy .. with renewed confidence I went clothes shopping today for the beautiful slim woman I see in the mirror everyday.  Participating in your  programme has been life changing for me.  A huge thank you to you for taking the challenge to study healthy ageing and share your discoveries on menopause.  I would not […]

The Connection between Menopause & Osteoporosis – A shout out for strong women as they age!

Have you ever thought about your skeleton as a metabolically active organ? I know that I never really thought about this when I went into peri-menopause and thought that the activity that I was doing, e.g. some cardio, my once a week BodyPump class and doing some exercise on most days of the week was […]

“My heart had been damaged by many years of high blood pressure.” [Tina Turner]

I’m heartbroken. And so is Tina apparently – literally. I had no idea that the legendary Queen of Rock, Tina Turner, had been through so many health problems. But her autobiography, ‘Tina Turner – My Love Story’  was under the Christmas tree and 24 hours later, I had read every word. Bowel cancer and kidney disease have […]