“I was so challenged in my beliefs about exercise. I had no idea I was in peri-menopause.” [Sue, New Zealand)

This is Sue. She is here with me after a presentation in beautiful Northland in New Zealand. As a leading Personal Trainer, Teacher and Athletics Coach for her local community, Sue had invited me to do some presentations for women whom she knew would benefit from learning about menopause.  For over 20 years Sue has […]

UK Journalist, Claudia Connell, discovers she can get off HRT – and writes about it too.

“After meeting Wendy in London, I’m so pleased I did her programme. I feel, look and sleep so much better and don’t feel like I’ve deprived myself in any way.”  [Claudia Connell, UK Daily Mail, London] When one of the UK’s Daily Mail journalists arrives at your London seminar and then comes onto your programme […]

Meet the fabulous Magician, Romany Romany.

Her book was sitting unopened on my Kindle. I had emailed her, curious about whether I was using her name correctly. It seemed a bit odd that she had the same surname as her first name. “I’m not telling you” she emailed back. “You have to read my book.”  So I did. I opened it […]

“It seemed like all my joy had been sucked out of me. I’m thankful every day for finding MyMT.” [Julie, Canada]

The internet makes the world a very small place and it wasn’t long before Google Maps told me that Qualicum Beach, where Julie lives, is a small town on Vancouver Island, situated at the foot of Mount Arrowsmith. I knew that Julie had been struggling with motivation and feelings of hopelessness as she had emailed me […]

“I used to suffer from chronic sinusitis, chest infections, back-aches and headaches, but not anymore. I have never in my 64 years, felt as good as I do now.” [Lyndie, UK]

September 11th, 2020 Dear Wendy,  Thank you so much for helping me to be Transformed. I am so pleased I started the Transform Me course in March this year. Two friends of mine, both recommended me to do the Transform Me course.  I was sceptical as I have done a number of diet courses and not […]

“I felt like I was running on adrenaline yet was totally exhausted. Some days it just felt like I was trying to pull myself through quicksand.” [Aleta, Australia]

“The year 2019 was a year where I felt totally uncomfortable within myself at 54 years of age. Stressful events, an all-consuming full-time job and life-threatening family illnesses had caused me to feel like I was constantly on the run and waiting for the next wave of something terrible to happen. I felt like I […]

“Working full time on our high country station and dealing with menopause, I felt wrecked. Now I’m sleeping and full of energy.” [Sally, NZ]

“My how 12 weeks goes by so quickly! Back at the beginning of June I was feeling terrible! Exhausted, struggling to sleep, night sweats … you name it, I had it! I have a physically demanding day job, owning and working full time on our high country station and autumn is always frantic, mustering, crutching […]

“I was at my wit’s end with my menopausal weight gain.” [Michaela, Canada] – and she shares her Beetroot Burgers with you too.

Ontario in Canada is hot and humid at the moment. I know this because Michaela told me so. Living in New Zealand, Canada seems a long way away, but the beauty of the MyMT community, is that we are all part of the ‘global village’. With grown-up triplets, Michaela has been busy for years, but […]

“When I felt tired, depressed, overweight and my cholesterol climbed, nobody mentioned menopause.” [Dianne, Brisbane, Australia]

“Over the last few years I had gained quite a lot of weight, was often hot at night, was depressed and tired all the time, but I’d never really considered that there was anything I could do about this.  My doctor at the time had put me on antidepressants and, re the weight, just said, […]