“I was feeling pretty down, but your programme changed that. I’ve lost 8kgs [18lbs] and the knowledge was incredible!” [Julie, New Zealand]

I’m always telling women at my live-events that we are the first generation of women to go into menopause in the context of the phenomenal growth of the sporting and fitness industries over our lifetime. As well, for those of us who have part of the development of these industries (my self included), we get […]

“My daughter has never seen me this thin in her entire life! I’m sleeping and feeling so much better.” [Heather, New Zealand]

I still remember when Heather attended my Masterclass on Menopause seminar in Wellington, New Zealand. She emailed me not long afterwards concerned about not sleeping, and worried about her changing cholesterol levels, sore joints and increasing weight gain. She was at her wits-end. Nothing she was doing was working.  Having watched her health all her […]

“I’m now sleeping all night and feel back in control. What an amazing programme.” [Tina, New Zealand]

“Stress has always been my biggest challenge” mentioned Tina. “My heart races and when I have so much going on in my life, there is an inability to access deep calm at times. But your amazing programme has helped me understand what is really going on as my hormones change during menopause. I love the […]

“I’m sleeping, my joints don’t ache and I’ve got more energy to put into my new design business.” [Jane, Furniture Designer & Maker]

MyMT Client

“I have always loved making things” mentioned Jane, “and your programme has given me back my sleep, energy and joint health. I used to struggle because often I would sit down and my eyes would close. But doing your programme has enabled me to be here to showcase my design and making of beautiful furniture.”   […]

“Your programme gave me a step-by-step plan to help me get my life back on track – I feel like my old self again.”

“I am 50 years old , a Personal Trainer/Pilates instructor and I’ve always been fit and healthy. But when my world changed I had no idea how to get my life back on track …” [Stephnee, Dunedin, New Zealand] How wonderful to see Stephnee last night in Dunedin. We even managed a catch-up beforehand over […]

Daily Mail Journalist, CLAUDIA CONNELL, discovers how to beat menopause – and writes about it too.

“After meeting Wendy in London, I’m so pleased I did her programme. I feel, look and sleep so much better and don’t feel like I’ve deprived myself in any way.”  [Claudia Connell, UK Daily Mail, London, Published 7th October, 2019] When one of the UK’s Daily Mail journalists arrives at your London seminar and then […]

“I’m so pleased I’m sleeping all night and my joints feel so much better too.” [Julie, New Zealand]

I still remember when Julie first messaged me over 2 years ago. She had driven 2 hours from the farm into town and wanted to buy a juicer. She was checking in with me about the brand she should buy. Living in a remote area of New Zealand, she was struggling with sore joints, poor […]

“I feel great. I sleep better. No more bloating and my husband and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary in Germany.”

“Well that was an unexpected surprise seeing my face on facebook” said Danni. “But what’s wonderful —-I’m not an advert. Or a paid spokesperson. Or a model (ha). I’m just 53 and finally over the menopause hump thanks to your MyMT programme Wendy! I remember when you emailed me and I was on yet another […]

“I’m off HRT and anti-depressants and have lost over 8kg. My life is back on track.” – Pauline, New Zealand

“This truly was a transformation. I certainly would not be where I am without the excellent tools you supplied to turn my health around. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I now fit the same size low-rise jean as my 33 year old daughter!” Pauline’s story is so typical of women on […]