“I didn’t understand how much menopause would affect my fitness and how I exercised, nor how all this would affect my weight gain.” [Tineke, New Zealand]

“When I was a Les Mills Instructor in the Netherlands” messaged Tineke to me, “I wanted to always work harder and do something extra. Maybe to impress others? But I have come to the point that I don’t have to impress anybody but to just enjoy the moment as I do my exercise.  It was […]

“How I used to muddle my way through life, I don’t know!” [Kate M., UK]

After a three-day migraine, wrote Kate to me last week, I started trawling the internet about how menopause affected migraine, and I stumbled across MyMT™.  It seemed to leap out me as having something meaningful to say to me. However, I am naturally cynical about paying for random information online so I didn’t hold out […]

“I used to suffer from chronic sinusitis, back-aches and headaches, but not anymore. I have never in my 64 years, felt as good as I do now.” [Lyndie, UK]

Some inspiration and motivation from Lyndie in Oxfordshire, who joined me on the MyMT™ Transform Me programme during 2020. Dear Wendy,  Thank you so much for helping me to be Transformed. I am so pleased I started the Transform Me course in March this year. Two friends of mine, both recommended me to do the Transform Me course.  […]

“I had no idea how much the stress of farming was affecting my symptoms and weight in menopause.” [Leann, Australia]

In a shout-out to Essential Workers who have had to face a most challenging year, I’m sending aroha (love) to all our Farmers, not only here in New Zealand but also those of you around the world who are joining me here in the MyMT™ Community.  Leann farms in Queensland, Australia and Joy farms in […]

“Working full time on our high country station and dealing with menopause, I felt wrecked. Now I’m sleeping and full of energy.” [Sally, NZ]

“Back at the beginning of June I was feeling terrible” said Sally when she emailed me earlier this year. “Exhausted, struggling to sleep, night sweats … you name it, I had it! I have a physically demanding day job, owning and working full time on our high country station and autumn is always frantic, mustering, […]

“We still have plenty of work to do. I’m thankful for now being able to sleep so I have energy for the farm .” [Joy, NZ]

In a shout-out to Essential Workers during Covid-19, I’m sending aroha (love) to all our Farmers, not only here in New Zealand but also those of you around the world who are joining me here in the MyMT™ Community. Joy farms in New Zealand and Leann farms in Australia and both join me here this […]

“I’ve got so much more energy and feel back in control of my symptoms. It kinda feels unbelievable really.” – (Andrea, Australia)

Meet Andrea – she loves painting. This is her sitting on the steps outside her studio where she lives in Australia. When Andrea first contacted MyMT™ she was exhausted, frustrated and confused about what was happening to her energy levels in menopause. As she said, “Finally I had arrived at a point in my life, […]

“I was so challenged in my beliefs about exercise. I had no idea I was in peri-menopause.” [Sue, New Zealand)

This is Sue. She is here with me after a presentation in beautiful Northland in New Zealand. As a leading Personal Trainer, Teacher and Athletics Coach for her local community, Sue had invited me to do some presentations for women whom she knew would benefit from learning about menopause.  For over 20 years Sue has […]

“After my hysterectomy my weight ballooned. Wendy’s programme was a revelation.” [Elaine, UK].

My mind has been on Sheffield in the United Kingdom this week. With the news that it is going into Alert Level 3 restrictions due to an upsurge in coronavirus cases, I’ve been thinking of the women who attended my presentation there, only in March this year. Elaine was one of them. I loved my […]