“Every joint and muscle in my body seemed to ache. I had no idea that this was due to menopause. But now I’m back runnning and have lost 15lbs.” [Lesley, Cornwall, UK]

When you retire from teaching after devoting your entire career the supporting others, it’s tough not to be able to get on with living the life you dreamed of. This is Lesley’s story. She lives in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. “Every joint & muscle in my body seemed to ache. Hot flushes: common menopauseal […]

“My Doctor has taken me off my diabetes medication. I’m so excited!” [Losena, Melbourne]

Imagine a place where you can learn how to turn around your health so you have a clear path to sleep all night, lose weight and feel like you have the energy you deserve during your 50’s. I get some pretty amazing emails from women on the MyMT™ programmes arrive in my Inbox. I do love […]

“I’m sending you two pictures. It is both me. I feel and look like a different person.” [Tineke, New Zealand]

“When I was a Les Mills Instructor in the Netherlands” messaged Tineke to me, “I wanted to always work harder and do something extra. Maybe to impress others? But I have come to the point that I don’t have to impress anybody but to just enjoy the moment as I do my exercise.  It was […]

“I’ve been deployed as an Essential Worker to help the New Zealand Police. The views from my roving ‘office’ are stunning.” [Paula, NZ]

I think Essential Worker, Paula, has the most spectacular ‘room with a view’ in the world. Don’t you?  “Along with some colleagues from aviation security, we have a roving commission to do Reassurance Patrols throughout Central Otago. As well, we check on anything they need us to do. It’s quite a spectacular thing to be […]

“My sleep was disastrous. I am a single-mum and had no idea how to look after myself in menopause. I’m 59 and now feel amazing!”

“What does my life look like at 59?” pondered Andrea in the MyMT™ Coaching Community recently.   I had no idea that Andrea was in my session at the Australian Women’s Health and Fitness Conference towards the end of 2018, but I must have struck a chord with her, because a few months later, she arrived […]

“I’m responsible for the emotional wellbeing of 12,000 UK National Health Service staff and being on Wendy’s MyMT™ program helps me stay in control.” [Dr Clare, UK].

“I’m responsible for the emotional well-being of 12,000 UK National Health Service staff and I’ve never been busier! Being on MyMT is really helping though as it gives me a sense of control over one area of my life when the rest of it is chaos, stress and a lot of heartbreak.” In my shout-out […]

“We still have plenty of work to do. I’m thankful for now being able to sleep so I have energy for the farm .” [Joy, NZ]

In a shout-out to Essential Workers during Covid-19, I’m sending aroha (love) to all our Farmers, not only here in New Zealand but also those of you around the world who are joining me here in the MyMT™ Community. Joy farms in New Zealand and Leann farms in Australia and both join me here this […]

“I’m off HRT and anti-depressants and have lost over 8kg. My life is back on track.” – Pauline, New Zealand

In a shout-out to healthcare workers who I have shared some of their mid-life journey with, I want to acknowledge Aged-Care nurse, Pauline. She first came on the programme feeling exhausted from her shift work and not understanding how her stress was impacting on her sleep and symptoms during menopause.  “I’m feeling so tired all […]

“My daughter has never seen me this thin in her entire life! I’m sleeping and feeling so much better.” [Heather, New Zealand]

I still remember when Heather attended my Masterclass on Menopause seminar in Wellington, New Zealand. She emailed me not long afterwards concerned about not sleeping, and worried about her changing cholesterol levels, sore joints and increasing weight gain. She was at her wits-end. Nothing she was doing was working.  Having watched her health all her […]