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“I knew I had to offer Wendy’s MyMT™ programmes in conjunction with my Reflexology for women living in London.” [Shameen, The Healing Place, London]

When I attended Dr Wendy Sweet’s ‘Masterclass on Menopause’ seminar at the University of London this year, I was blown away. It was everything that I’ve been seeing in my clients for years, but I had no idea about how much of an influence our modern western lifestyle has on symptoms.

After her presentation, I knew that I had to talk to her about how I could better help all my clients by combining Reflexology with her Menopause Symptom reduction programmes. I was so pleased for everyone when she said ‘yes’! Wendy has a revolutionary and refreshing approach to the menopause madness with the research she has done on lifestyle management and by enabling me to work in with her from The Healing Place and combining my Reflexology practices, I know that between us we will help women to thrive at this time of life.


Hi, I’m Shameen, founder of The Healing Place.

Situated at 114 Moorgate, London Wall, London, I love my work as a specialist Reflexology Practitioner. I’ve been doing this for years in both corporate and hospital environments and now work from my own private studio. For all my clients who I treat with Hormone Reflexology, there is always some discussion on lifestyle solutions and exercise to help manage their symptoms of menopause. But as these aren’t my specialist areas, for years, I have been in search of a programme that had been researched and scientifically proven to work. When I heard Wendy’s presentation and then I did her MyMT Transform Me programme, I knew that her programmes and nutritional approach were the answer to so many women’s needs at this time of life, especially if I combined this with my healing, calming Reflexology strategies and my one-on-one support.   

Anxiety, depression and aches and pains are well proven to affect women in menopause. As Wendy explained in her seminar, these symptoms are the result of high levels of our stress hormone, cortisol, and this often goes high not only from not sleeping, but also with the changes that occur in the muscles, skin, nerves, blood vessels and other organs as they lose the effect of oestrogen as well.

That’s why changing menopause hormones might create the ‘perfect storm’ for our symptom chaos, because as Wendy mentioned, “when we don’t change our lifestyle to accommodate our hormonal changes in mid-life, our symptoms become worse as our body goes into ‘distress'”.  I see this all the time with my clients. Increased anxiety, depression, sore muscles and other aches and pains, weight gain that doesn’t shift and of course, insomnia that becomes worse over time. Then the exhaustion sets in and women go for ‘quick energy fixes’ such as alcohol and stress-related eating patterns, that have other affects on health.

That’s why I’m excited about how Wendy and I have got together in a powerful combination of support for women who can visit The Healing Place. I will combine my beautiful healing Reflexology practices, which help to calm the nervous system and then, women can put into action the other powerful strategies in Wendy’s online programmes. 

I knew that I had to offer either of Wendy’s revolutionary programmes to women in London and I’m so excited to bring women a brand new package combing hands-on Reflexology and one-on-one support for either of the My Menopause Transformation programmes through The Healing Place. 

Hormone Reflexology plus MyMT™ Transform Me or Circuit Breaker programmes

This 12 week Hormone Reflexology treatment plan combines with either of the online MyMT™ programmes. Women who are thinner/leaner choose the ‘Circuit Breaker’ programme, or if women are overweight, then they select the ‘Transform Me’ programme. 

This powerful combination gives you: 

  • Wendy’s on-line MyMT™ programme which you can do at home in your own time. This powerful 12 week self-learning programme teaches you how to sleep all night, remove hot flushes, night sweats, restore liver health and energy and/or to lose the weight you have gained which is now resting on your belly. The belly fat, which arrived with the onset of the menopause, not only makes your hot flushes worse but also worsens your heart health as you get older.
  • My one-on-one hands-on Hormone Reflexology Treatment. This will calm your nervous system and enhance your body’s healing process. With Reflexology and my one to one support you will begin to feel well and able to feel like the person you used to be! 

I’m so excited to be able to offer this amazing programme in combination with the beautiful and powerful healing strategies at The Healing Place in 2020.

Benefits of The Menopause Wellness programme at The Healing Place:
This is a unique 12 week program combining Reflexology and MyMT™ lifestyle wellness programme which includes:

• sleep management solutions • hot flush reduction plans • liver renewal strategies • plus all the evidenced nutrition for menopause.

The uniqueness of this opportunity is that by coming on board with The Healing Place you receive:

1. An exclusive offer ONLY AVAILABLE to The Healing Place
2. One to one support throughout the 12 weeks and beyond from Shameen at The Healing Place.

Please make contact with me, Shameen, at The Healing Place on the contacts below and visit my WEBSITE HERE.

The Healing Place accepts Insurance referrals for Reflexology, so to find out more, call us on 0774 047 3987 or send an email to 

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