Mental Health & Menopause: How come the Hadza women of Tanzania don’t suffer from depression in pre-or post-menopause?

“This is so interesting Wendy. Thank you for sharing Dr Fitzpatick’s research with us”  mentioned numerous women in my private coaching area this week. They were fascinated and I hope that you will be too. The investigative studies into the lives of Hadza women in Tanzania and their menstrual cycles, by Biological Anthropologist, Dr Katherine Fitzpatrick from […]

Depression, Exercise and Mid-Life Gut Health: what every woman over 50 should know.

The history of menopause-related anti-depressant use is fascinating. A medication called Iproniazid, developed in the early 1950’s for treatment of tuberculosis, was never intended to become one of the first pharmaceutical anti-depressants. But when Physician’s noticed that tuberculosis patients became more cheerful, optimistic and more physically active, further research revealed that the change from melancholy […]

If you’ve lost your Christmas Cheer this year, it’s not just end-of-year exhaustion, it’s your changing hormones in menopause too!

I still remember the Christmas when I went into peri-menopause. It’s usually a time of year I love, but back then, when everyone around me was looking forward to it, all I could think to myself, was ‘I really can’t be bothered. I have no motivation for Christmas cheer’. With no energy for shopping, no motivation […]

New Research: The science of ‘Happiness’ and why you don’t feel so happy during menopause.

Two years ago in early October, I travelled to beautiful Sydney to attend a ‘Happiness’ conference. It was my first time attending this type of conference. But when the day starts with an interview with the Dalai Lama about believing in yourself and ends with a presentation on the neuro-science of happiness, then you know […]

Menopause and depression: Is there a link? New research states that there is.

When I learnt from my academic studies, that 1 in 5 New Zealand women get placed on anti-depressants in their mid-life menopause transition and 2/3 of women in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are placed on anti-depressants in mid-life, I was quite surprised. But that was before peri-menopause mood swings and melancholy foudn […]

VIDEO: Did someone mention depression in menopause?

Did someone mention MENOPAUSE DEPRESSION? Over 2/3 of women in their 50s in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, get placed on anti-depressants in their menopause transition. Why is this when we’ve been healthy and happy all our lives? This was my curiosity too when I felt depressed and had lost my mojo. But where […]

Feeling down in the dumps? Then boost your menopause-mood with food, sunlight and a mindset-reset too.

When I went to my GP because I was concerned about feeling emotional, tearful and anxious in my early 50’s, which was so unlike ‘highly- motivated-and happy-me’, my doctor never once spoke about tryptophan, gut health, sunlight, my circadian rhythm and calming aerobic exercise. Nor my stress levels. He spoke about anti-depressant medications instead. I […]

Boost your mood and blood vessels this Easter: MyMT™ wishes you a wonderful dark-chocolate filled Easter!

Chocolate hearts

Yes you can have some dark chocolate this Easter – not too much and not too little. Happy Easter to you all! Having a small amount of dark chocolate is part of the MyMT Food Guide in both of my programmes, because of the wonderful healthy antioxidants it contains … and the darker the better. […]

“If menopause is the life-stage that is the opposite of puberty, then why is it treated as a ‘sickness’?”

“Menopause is the opposite life-stage to puberty and we don’t medicate our daughters with hormone therapies, anti-depressants and endless supplements. Too many women believe that menopause is a ‘sickness’, and yes, I was one of these women who believed this too, because that’s how it has been traditionally managed. But we aren’t sick! Our lifestyle […]