Why Natalie Joyce’s “revenge body” wasn’t the real story – it was the role her Personal Trainer played in her support.

Self-identity is a curious thing. I thought about it when I was sitting in Row 3 on the flight from Canberra to Sydney last Friday sipping on my coffee with the Sydney Morning Herald open on the political pages reading about Australia’s upcoming election. But it wasn’t the political debates I was reading, it was […]

Lose your stubborn menopause belly-fat and you’ll reduce your hot flushes too. Women on the MyMT™ 12 week Transform Me programme call it ‘life-changing’ – as I did too.

If you are as frustrated by your mid-life belly fat and continual hot flushes as I was, then do you know that the two are related? The more overweight you are, the more hot flushes you get.It’s all because the extra oestrogen that is stored in fat cells (especially around your breast and belly) cause […]

The science behind your changing shape in menopause.

images of different female body shapes during menopause

If you are as confused as I was about your changing shape as you reach your early to mid 50’s, then I have some questions for you to think about:    Can you touch your toes without your belly-fat getting in the way?  Can you breathe easy when you exercise or walk fast?  Are you […]

Have we got menopause symptom management all wrong?

When I learnt that women from different cultures experience menopause in different ways in terms of symptoms, I was curious. Women living in Western countries report more symptoms than those from non-Western cultures. Understanding this when I was so confused about my own menopause mayhem, left me wondering what menopause is and how the way […]

Discover my 6 ‘foodie’ tips that will help reduce your HOT FLUSHES, keep your BLOOD PRESSURE low & help you STAY CALM this Christmas!

Turkey or Ham? Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes? Broccoli or Cauliflower? Spinach or Kale? Beetroot or Parsnip? Steamed pudding or pavlova? Of all the hundreds of coaching posts that I’ve written for women who join me in the private MyMT communities for my three different 12 week programmes – [Circuit Breaker, Transform Me & my new […]

Learning that I was storing too much oestrogen in my fat cells during menopause changed my health & my hot flushes.

It was an interesting day yesterday – I was interviewed on New Zealand’s National Radio about my PhD – what a wonderful opportunity to raise the flag for women’s healthy ageing! If you would like to listen to what I said, then I’ve put the link at the bottom of this article which you can […]

Are you there yet? Take the MyMT™ Menopause Symptoms Quiz.

Would you like to know if you are in peri-menopause? I still remember when I began to have hot flushes – reaching menopause was the last thing I thought about. I had no idea what was going on and when I couldn’t sleep night after night, and then kept getting cramps in my legs and […]

Turn down your internal heat in menopause by focusing on your skin and feet!

Are you feeling frustrated by your hot flushes? Wondering why you feel so hot all the time? Well, don’t entirely blame menopause! It’s also because your body is holding onto inflammation. So, with the weather heating up down-under, then it’s time to turn down the internal heat and focus on two organs that help to […]

“Menopause is the time to turn around our health and change what we eat.” [Sandra Dubs, Australia]

It’s the connections that make conferences worthwhile … let me tell you about Sandra Dubs, Wholefood Community Pioneer & Author of the Whole-food Community Cookbook … Some of you lovely Australian women might have already come across Sandra Dubs. We were chatting together in the trade area of the conference as I finally had time […]