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VIDEO: Why have we got menopause management all wrong?

Hi, I’m Dr Wendy Sweet, [PhD’] and through my women’s healthy ageing studies, I’ve tackled our menopause symptoms. Did you know that lowering oestrogen and progesterone levels are not the problem with your symptom chaos and/or weight gain? The decline of these reproductive hormones are a natural, biological event that are part of our normal transition into our ageing years. The reason for your symptom chaos is that the loss of oestrogen also impacts on your muscles, heart, liver, blood vessels and other hormones such as sleep hormones. But when you change your lifestyle to accommodate these changes, your symptoms go away. Have a listen to my video when you can.”


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“If you have ever wondered if there was a clear easy plan to follow to sleep all night, reduce hot flushes and prevent or reduce your weight gain during menopause, then ‘welcome’ – you’re in the right place now.”

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