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Making sense of your weight gain in menopause [and why you shouldn’t follow weight loss strategies from the ‘Biggest Loser’ reality TV shows!]

Have you put on belly fat with peri-menopause? Is belly-fat hard to shift no matter the exercise you might be doing? If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you need to understand why controlling surges of insulin through optimal blood sugar regulation as well as managing your sleep quality and quantity and understanding the hormonal influences on your weight gain are critical aspects to weight management during your menopause years.

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Menopause symptoms are a result of changing hormone levels, primarily oestrogen and progesterone, which affect the balance of other hormones too. So menopause changes can upset your body’s unique bio-chemistry. But every one of your symptoms is reversible if you change your lifestyle and allow your body to adapt to its ‘new normal.’ This is what MyMT delivers to you – all the scientifically evidenced step-by-step strategies which you access over 12 weeks, so you discover how to work with your changing hormones in menopause, not against them.

There are no hormone medications or supplements. How to restore the hormonal harmony that menopause takes away is waiting for you in the exclusive member area now.

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